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  • Useful Home Remedies to get rid of Warts

    Warts are a very common yet harmless skin disease. They are mostly round in shape, pea sized or even smaller, thick, and hard. Since warts are a growth on the skin, they are prominently visible which can make you look ugly or can be a cause of embarrassment. Apart from distorting your looks, warts are also contagious and can spread to people around you as it is caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Here are some safe, time-tested useful home remedies to get rid of warts.

    These home remedies or natural remedies for wart removal can work on any type of wart. Depending on their location, the appearances of the warts vary. Plantar warts occur on the feet due to too much walking or standing. These warts can cause discomfort and pain especially if they appear on the sole of the feet. Filiform warts emerge on the face – at the edges of the mouth, eyes, etc. – and are slightly spiky. Warts can also sprout in the genitals and can spread through sexual contact. Most of all, before following any of these home remedies, it is best to get your warts checked by an expert. If deemed normal, you can try some of these home remedies.

    Banana Peels

    1. Take the peel of a ripe yellow banana.
    2. With a knife, cut out a piece of the peel, big enough to cover the entire wart.
    3. With the inner skin of the banana peel towards the wart, tape it onto your skin.
    4. Keep changing the peel from time to time.

    The enzymes in peel will attack the wart. The wart shall fall off within 2 weeks.

    Essential Oils  

    1. Select an essential oil of your choice, be it tea tree, thyme, eucalyptus, lemon etc.
    2. Warm the oil slightly (optional)
    3. Apply the oil on the wart and massage well
    4. Apply at least 3 times in a day

    These oils are nothing but natural oil extracts of beneficial herbs and plants like tea tree, thyme, eucalyptus, lemon, etc. These plants are known for their therapeutic value and their oils are a treasure of anti-septic properties in a concentrated form. Apart from applying daily, also continue to apply it for a while even after the wart has fallen off, to prevent it from re-emerging.

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    1. Mix apple cider vinegar and water in a 2:1 ratio.
    2. Soak a cotton ball in it and squeeze out the excess.
    3. Before going to sleep, tape the cotton ball over the wart with the help of a bandage.
    4. Repeat this every night.

    You can follow this even in the day time if it doesn’t cause much soreness or tingling sensation. The wart is likely fall off in 7 to 14 days. The acidic nature of vinegar attacks the hard skin of the wart and finally eradicates it.


    1. Take a garlic clove and crush it
    2. Apply this thick paste on the wart, and secure a bandage for the pieces to stick to the skin
    3. Leave it on for 30 minutes
    4. Remove this and wash the area

    The anti-viral and anti-bacterial nature of this spice will cause the wart to dry, blister and fall off. What gives garlic this wart removal power is the presence of the compound allicin. If you don’t relish the overwhelming smell of garlic and want quicker results, then you can instead consume 3 to 4 garlic cloves, or garlic capsules daily till the wart is gone.

    Vitamin C Tablets


    • Crush a vitamin C tablet
    • Mix it with a dash of lemon juice until they blend into a fine paste
    • Massage the paste over the wart covering it thoroughly
    • Repeat this daily for at least 2 weeks


    Vitamin C is a nutrient that helps boost your immune system and fight infections. This very anti-viral nature of Vitamin C can help you get rid of warts, even when used externally.

    White Vinegar and Baking Soda

    1. Take a tablespoon of white vinegar
    2. Mix it with sufficient amount of baking soda to make a thick paste
    3. Add some castor oil (optional)
    4. Apply this blend twice daily – once in the morning and once in the night

    Some warts are very thick and hard. To get rid of such tough and stubborn warts, the concoction of white vinegar and baking soda is the best. You can also add some castor oil as it is anti-inflammatory and may reduce any swelling or disturbance on the skin caused due to the otherwise acidic paste of vinegar and baking soda.


    1. Apply lots of honey on the wart- fill the wart entirely with a thick coat of honey
    2. Leave this for a few minutes/overnight until honey seems absorbed by the wart

    This sweet syrup is acidic and anti-septic. Its thick consistency and lack of moisture makes it difficult for air to enter the wart when applied. This blocks the oxygen, causing the wart virus to fade away.

    Diet Recommendations

    You can get rid of warts not only with the help of external agents but also with the help consuming the right foods.

    • Since warts are a form of an infection, eating more of vitamin C rich foods like citric fruits can boost your body’s ability to fight the wart virus.
    • Adding green leafy vegetables to your meals means enhancing you Vitamin A intake which results in greater immunity.
    • Also nourish yourself with zinc rich foods like nuts, spinach, meats, pumpkin seeds, etc. Plus, consuming probiotic foods like yogurt and milk can also help you. They help generating good bacteria in the body to fight germs and diseases better.

    A combination of such dietary agents plus external home remedies can help you get rid of warts better.

    Most of the times, these home remedies prove to be really helpful especially with their added advantage of minimal side-effects. However, if the warts recur quite often or are situated at really inconvenient spots, then it’s better to consult a doctor. Such stubborn warts can only be removed with medical intervention. Also genital warts can sometime be seen as an early sign of cervical cancer among women. In case you have been suffering from warts for long, then consult a skin specialist at the earliest. A wart can also be a hidden form of cancer.

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  • The Secrets and Benefits of Skin Rejuvenation

    With pollution, age and hormonal changes, your skin eventually loses its elasticity, glow, firmness and spotless appearance. External agents like beauty creams and home remedies may be of little help as they can’t penetrate deep into the skin to repair the damaged cells. That is why, depending on your age and/or the severity of the damage, skin rejuvenation and skin revival can be achieved with the help of professional help. Attain a flawless and youthful skin with expert skin solutions from our cosmeticians and plastic surgeons.

    The most common and recommended solution for skin rejuvenation is skin resurfacing. So how do different skin surfacing methods benefit you?  What are the facts or secrets you have to keep in mind while going for a skin resurfacing procedure? Read on.

    The benefits of skin rejuvenation and skin resurfacing:

    • Tightens the skin and adds volume

    If you suffer from wrinkles and saggy skin due to lack of elasticity, then dermal fillers can help you. It’s a fairly pain-free skin rejuvenating procedure where skin-friendly solutions are injected into the areas of the skin which need to look fuller. By adding volume to the parts missing substance, the skin naturally stretches, evening out wrinkle lines. The result is a smooth texture and well-contoured face.

    • Removes dark spots, blemishes and sun damage

    Certain stubborn marks need an equally strong remedy. This is where chemical peels prove to be helpful. In this skin resurfacing method, safe and tested chemicals or acids are applied on the skin. The idea is to destroy the upper layers of the skin completely to allow a new and better skin layer to replace it. This way, chemical peels ensure a brighter, clearer and spot-free skin.

    • Reduces red and prominent veins

    Varicose veins not only distort your skin tone with their reddish-blue tint but also make your skin look bumpy and deformed. To correct this, sclerotherapy can help to a certain extent.  In this skin rejuvenation procedure, a chemical injected into the spider veins destroys the lining of these veins. This helps the vein to shrink and reduces its redness allowing you to wear all those dresses that you couldn’t due to the presence of varicose veins either in your arms or legs.

    • Removes dullness and softens your skin

    Skin rejuvenation treatments like dermabrasion are useful in polishing your skin and removing dead skin cells. A machine with tiny particles attached to its tip, is propelled on your skin surface which scrapes off dirt and dead skin from the depths of the pores.

    • Removes acne and other scars

    Chemical peels and other less intensive methods are used for lighter scars and marks. For deeper scars and prominent wrinkles, your doctor may suggest a laser skin resurfacing. In this method laser or light beams penetrate into the skin, destroying the outer surface of the skin. This removes any flaws on the skin. The heat generated from the laser activates the inner layers of the skin and encourages the growth of collagen – the protein responsible for the regeneration of a fresh and clearer layer of skin. Another option for skin resurfacing is micro needling – minute needles create tiny holes in the skin (deliberate wounds), giving a chance for the skin to repair itself properly. In this process, new, flawless skin is developed, much similar to the case of new skin after a general wound.

    Some other Secrets benefits of skin rejuvenation


    • Improved Skin Care Routine –

      Once the skin resurfacing procedure is conducted, you will have to wash your face/skin 4 to 5 times a day with special solutions prescribed by the doctor. These solutions are scientifically well researched and tested. They are meant to nourish and protect your skin to their fullest extent. Also, for a few weeks, you will need to be mindful of not venturing out in the sun. If inevitable, you will have to use high SPF sunscreens to save your sensitive and raw skin from sun damage. You will have to abstain from makeup to prevent skin damage from harmful chemicals. All these precautions may be needed to be taken for 2 to 3 weeks and the complete recovery time on an average is 4 weeks.


    Not following the precautions and post-procedure care can lead to infections, deeper and bigger scars, patchy discolourations, etc. This way, in the guise of precautions you will be providing your skin with extreme care and nourishment that is required.


    • Anti-Aging Miracle-

      Skin rejuvenation helps in treating all signs of aging on your skin, like wrinkles, fine lines, crow lines, frown lines, facial sagging and dull skin. It boosts the overall skin elasticity and works on rebuilding old, dead skin cells. Some skin treatments give a subtle lift to the skin, making it look flawless and radiant.


    • Confidence Boost-

      Many patients have shared stories of experiencing improved skin texture and in turn, improved confidence. Some people are insecure about their skin problems/issues, which restricts them from effortlessly participating in day-to-day activities. Skin rejuvenation not only addresses skin issues, it also boosts self-esteem and confidence- making one look and feel beautiful.

    Always try to schedule your skin rejuvenation session at least 3 months prior to any important event. The thumb rule is to always consult plastic surgeon or cosmetologist before you decide to get skin rejuvenation done. This holds true if you are dark-skinned or have a non-elastic and excessively oily skin. Skin rejuvenation is a medical process so professional advice is a must. It’s always safer to refer to a reputed and well experienced plastic surgeon.

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  • 5 Facts About Chemical Peeling

    Is smooth, clear, flawless and even-toned skin your dream? Chemical peeling is a solution to look for. It’s a non-surgical, cosmetic treatment that uses a combination of safe and commonly found acids that are applied on the face. Being a medical and scientific process, chemical peeling ensures a youthful and spot-free skin with visible and long-lasting results.

    Like any other medical procedure, chemical peels, too, need prior preparation, a proper understanding, and certain precautions.

    Here are 5 facts about chemical peels you should know:

    1. Chemical peels treat multiple skin problems

    Chemical peeling is a one-stop solution for all skin related issues. It works best to resolve the damages caused to the skin by sun exposure. Chemicals peels are meant for those skin problems that are present on the surface of the skin and require minimum penetration. The main principle behind chemical peels is that the acid peels off or destroys the upper layers of the skin. The procedure also destroys blemishes, dark spots, lines, etc.. As the old skin sheds, the body treats this peeling as a wound and produces collagen (a protein that produces new cells) to form your new, rejuvenated skin. For best results, you will have to repeat the procedure 2-3 times with a gap of at least 6 months between each session.

    1. Types of chemical peels

    Depending on your skin type and intensity of your skin problem, your cosmetologist will choose the acids. Apart from the types of acids, your doctor will also determine the concentration of the chemicals to be used. There are 3 types of chemical peels:

    1. Superficial: This is the mildest form of chemical peeling. The acid concentration is only 30%. It does not penetrate into the skin beyond the epidermis. That is why it’s ideal for minor skin pigmentation issues and light wrinkles.
    2. Moderate: The intensity of this chemical peel solution is medium. The concentration of acid ranges from 35% to 50%. In this, the skin is peeled off till the upper layers of the dermis.
    3. Deep: With the concentration of acid up to 80%, deep chemical peels are the strong ones. They peel the skin off as deep as the dermis. That is why deep peels often require local anesthesia and sedation. They are helpful in repairing acne scars and deep wrinkles.


        3. Does it suit your skin type?

    Everybody has a unique skin type depending on their body’s constitution. That is why it’s very necessary to get a skin analysis test and to take advice from your cosmetologist to know whether chemical peeling will go well with your skin or not.  Most of the time chemical peels are recommended for people with a fair complexion and light hair. Chemical peels often don’t work on dark skin tones because of post-treatment mix colouration issue- the new skin doesn’t match the skin tone of the parts of the body that wasn’t chemically peeled. If your dark spots are due to hormonal changes then they are likely to reappear despite the treatment. Patients who have had a history of herpes may develop it again after the treatment but it can be taken care of with additional medication.

    1. Precautions you need to take before and after chemical peeling

    A week prior to the day, as per your doctor’s suggestions, you will also have to use high SPF sunscreens so that sun damage doesn’t make your skin extra sensitive to the chemicals. During the procedure, you will experience tingling, slight burning and tightening sensation for a short while. After the procedure, you may have to wash and soak your face frequently for a few days with a prescribed special solution. Apart from anti-viral and medical creams to ward off scabs and scars, the use of high SPF sunscreen is a must. Avoid makeup and sun exposure as far as possible throughout the recovery stage. Your skin will be very sensitive, raw and wounded during the recovery period that is why it will need special care to avoid infections, skin darkening, and damage.

    1. The recovery period

    Chemical peeling is a procedure that does not require an overnight stay in the hospital. You will be discharged the same day of the procedure itself but your skin will take time to heal. If you opt for a superficial peel, then you may experience redness, scaling and swelling for 3 to 7 days and your skin will take at least 14 days in all to get back to normal. If you opt for a moderate or deep peel, then your face will have to be in bandages for a few days. You might also experience slight bleeding. Your new beautiful skin will be ready to show off only after few weeks of the procedure.

    The word ‘chemical’ may sound scary and harmful, but you are in safe hands if you choose a right cosmetic clinic and doctor. For a safe experience and guaranteed results avoid using over-the-counter or do-it-yourself chemical peel kits available in the market. Always opt for professional help. To consult the best cosmetic doctors in the Chennai, book an appointment at Apollo Cosmetic Clinics and meet the experts. Our world-class procedural suites and personalized patient care will make you feel at home. Our top surgeons of India, are experts in treating the rarest of dermatology/cosmetic problem.

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  • How much makeup can the skin take?

    Under pressure to look their best every day, most women, and even some men, resort to wearing makeup on a regular basis. But have you stopped and thought about what really happens when you apply cosmetics on your skin?

    Following are some of the most significant harmful effects of cosmetics for your skin:

    Extreme Oiliness or Dryness

    Depending on the products you’re using, cosmetics can make your skin very oily, leaving an unhealthy oily sheen on your face, or very dry, causing it to crack. In the long term, these side effects of makeup could be extremely harmful to your skin’s health and for your pores on face.

    Accelerates the Ageing Process

    While cosmetics might cover up blemishes and any signs of aging temporarily, they actually speed up your skin’s aging process due to their high chemical content.

    Allergies, Reactions and Skin Diseases

    Cosmetic products contain a large variety of harmful preservatives which are known to be carcinogenic. The side effects of makeup extend to causing skin allergies, reactions, and diseases such as contact dermatitis.

    The harmful effects of cosmetics include headaches, damage to eyes, nails, and hair, increased risk of cancer and other chronic diseases, etc.

    Instead of applying makeup every day, it’s time you explore more permanent solutions instead. Read on to discover skin treatments that will give you better skin, so that you don’t have to suffer from the side effects of makeup anymore:

    Pore Reduction

    If you’re looking for ways on how to get rid of pores on face, how to close open pores or how to tighten pores, then a pore reduction treatment is what you need. It will clean out your pores and work on reducing them, giving your skin a smoother and cleaner appearance.

    Acne Treatment

    Acne treatment consists of three parts – tackling active acne, preventing the occurrence of future breakouts, and lightening the acne scars that already exist. Treatment combining all these three aspects will ensure that you no longer have to keep dabbing on tons of makeup to cover up your skin!

    Botox and Derma Filler Treatments

    Dermal fillers and botox treatments help restore your skin’s natural glow by increasing its collagen levels. These treatments can be used to enhance the shape of your face, smoothen out any wrinkles, and lighten your skin and facial scars.

    Why risk side effects of makeup when you can make your skin beautiful and glowing every day? Instead of trying to cover up your facial skin problems, try the above permanent solutions from an established team such as that of Apollo Cosmetic Clinics, which, through its immense experience and expertise, ensures that you no longer have to suffer the harmful effects of cosmetics. Not only will you be protected from the side effects of makeup, but you will also save lots of money in the process!

  • 4 skin care tips for women with acne

    Acne is one of the most common skin problems faced by most Indians. The main reason behind this is the oil, dirt and dead skin that clogs the pores on your skin, creating acne and minor infections. Taking care of these problems at an early stage can avoid aggravating the skin condition. Ignoring them can cause scars, blemishes and adverse effects on the skin.

    Here are 4 easy skin care tips you can follow:

    • A hygienic face is an acne-free face

    To make sure that your face is hygienic and clean all the time, it is recommended to wash your face twice a day with lukewarm water. Choose a cleanser and moisturizer that suits your skin type, to give the best of hygiene and health to your skin. Exfoliate your skin at least once a week with a natural scrub. Removing makeup before you sleep is a must or else it can cause many problems like pimples, dry skin and lips, and premature aging. Avoid applying too many products on your hair.

    • A face-friendly diet

    A toxin-free body impacts your face because you are what you eat. So staying hydrated and having a balanced diet which includes fruits, vegetables, protein, whole wheat and grains, nut and seeds and omega-3 rich food, can help in keeping your skin soft and supple.

    • Sweat that acne away

    Exercising daily will not only remove toxins and dirt which clogs the pores of your skin but will also reduce stress. Stress is also one of the major causes of these breakouts, and a stress-free life comes a long way for good skin.

    • Home remedies for acne

    Honey is an amazing natural healing product with antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Honey-papaya face pack and aloe vera gel consist of the best anti-inflammatory properties, which help in reducing this problem. Some products like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid include antibacterial and antifungal properties can help you with this skin condition. However, one must not resort to drugstore products unless recommended by a dermatologist or a skin specialist.

    One can also avail different skin treatments and preventive measures like lifestyle changes, relevant medication, other medical treatments. Sometimes, surgical procedures are also helpful for more concrete solutions to acne problems. Depending on your acne type, and the gravity of the condition, the doctor will suggest appropriate treatment.

    At Apollo Cosmetic Clinic, our skin care experts will first evaluate your skin and acne condition. They will figure out what type of acne you have, and suggest you with the most effective treatment accordingly. The treatment for mild to moderate acne is comparatively easy when compared to cystic or inflammatory acne.

    Receive world-class care, with Apollo Cosmetics Clinics’ state-of-the-art technology and expertise. Boost your confidence with our skin care solutions.

  • Best makeover for Bride to be

    If you’re planning to tie the knot anytime soon, then your skincare routine should be high on your list of priorities. If you want to look your best on your wedding day, then you must ensure that your skin looks its best too.

    There are many bridal makeup tips available for brides to be. Makeup artists have a wide variety of makeup tips and tricks to enhance your beauty. Indian bridal makeup tip and Dulhan makeup tips match the grandeur of the typical big fat Indian weddings. And engagement makeup tips are available to help you shine right at the start of your bridal journey.

    But is this enough? Instead of solely relying on bridal makeup tips, wedding makeup tips, Indian bridal makeup tips, Dulhan makeup tips and engagement makeup tips, treat your skin well and target the problem rather than using makeup to cover it up.

    Following are two significant things you can do to improve the health of your skin before your wedding day:

    – Lead a healthy lifestyle

    Eating and drinking right can make a world of a difference to your skin’s health. Drink sufficient water throughout the day to keep your skin hydrated. Reducing your stress levels and getting enough sleep will keep your skin healthy.

    – Skin treatments

    If you’re looking for the best makeover for a bride to be, consider getting skin treatments. While haldi was considered the traditional skin treatment to enhance a bride’s beauty, today there are various safe and highly effective options available. While bridal peels, which reduce scars, lines, and pigmentation, and remove dead cells, top the list of bridal skin treatments, there are other options such as a scar, stretch mark and wart removal, derma rollers, derma fillers, etc. These will not just enhance your look, but will also give you an increased sense of confidence.

    Consult a dermatologist at a reputed cosmetic clinic such as Apollo Cosmetic Clinics to understand how to get the best makeover for your skin in preparation for your wedding. The highly qualified and experienced team of dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons at Apollo Cosmetic Clinics will guide you on the various treatments available and advise you on which ones will work the best for you.

    So, instead of relying only on bridal makeup tips and wedding makeup tips, give your skin a boost with the expertise of the Apollo Cosmetics Clinics team by your side.


  • How to glow on your wedding day- Bridal Peel

    Every girl dreams of her wedding day and hopes to look her best on this special occasion that marks the start of a new chapter in her life. If you’re planning your big day soon, and are getting ready to tie the knot, bridal peels should be a must in your preparations for your big day. You spend weeks and months planning the venue and décor, shopping for your outfits and accessories, and refining the guest list. So, doesn’t your skin deserve some loving care in advance as well? While there are many skin care treatments available for brides, bridal peel is the most popular amongst them as it provides the best results.

    What is a bridal peel

    Bridal peels are skin treatments that include whitening peels, chemical peels, and fruit peels. Unlike typical strong chemical peels, bridal peels concentrate on the top layers of your skin, thereby giving you all the benefits of a peel while avoiding scarring.

    While bridal makeup can cover up your flaws and skin problems on your wedding day, using excess makeup can cause allergies and clogging of your pores. Instead, opt for a longer lasting glow with bridal peels. A bridal peel treatment works on reducing your facial lines and wrinkles by promoting the production of collagen and lightening the appearance of scars, pigmentation, and acne. It removes dead cells and exposes a fresh new layer of skin, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and rejuvenated.

    How to choose a bridal peel

    While bridal peels are very effective, it’s important to choose the right peel for your skin to gain the maximum benefits. Select a peel that is safe and suits your skin type.

    When to do a bridal peel

    Once you have set a date for your wedding, get a bridal peel done on a monthly basis. Your last bridal peel should be done two weeks before your big day as this gives the treatment time to work its magic.

    To get the safest and most effective bridal peel treatments, consult a reputed clinic such as Apollo Cosmetic Clinics, which is equipped with world-class procedure suites and prides in its zero-infection rates. The highly certified cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists at Apollo Cosmetic Clinics come with immense experience in the field of skin care and will ensure that you shine in all your glory during your wedding festivities. After all, the bride would look incomplete without that beautiful glow!

  • Does Dermaroller Work? These Facts Will Surprise You!

    What is a dermaroller? Wondering how to use a dermaroller? Learn about a dermaroller, how effective the treatments is, what kind of effects it leaves on the skin and the procedure to use it.

    According to our cosmetologists, a dermaroller is a skincare device that helps in the regeneration of skin cells. It repairs scars and stretch marks, treats fine lines, wrinkles, and many more skin problems. It is easy to perform, takes much less time compared to other cosmetic treatments, and gives lasting results.

    How does a Dermaroller work?

    A dermaroller is unique in its appearance- it has two parts to it- a round roller with nearly 1000+ tiny needles and secondly, a long handle that holds the roller and helps in easily targeting the roller on your skin. The roller’s needles are the main source for repairing your skin.

    When the roller is rolled across the skin surface, tiny skin pricks are formed on the skin layer, which stimulates important ingredients like collagen and elastin. Both these ingredients help in skin repair and cell regeneration. As these pricks increase the natural process of skin repair, the new skin is formed, and thus minimizing scars, stretch marks, acne scars, etc. The process also plumps your skin and works on activating skin cells that are otherwise dormant due to aging skin. This helps in reducing facial sagging, fine lines and wrinkles. It is like a massage on your face but with added benefits!

    Dermaroller is a non-surgical method of achieving young and healthy-looking skin.

    Fine lines and wrinkles are caused due to the low collagen and elastin contents in the skin, which is addressed by a dermaroller. Our cosmetic surgeons recommend this treatment as a highly effective solution for skin problems related to aging.

    How to choose the best dermaroller?

    The effects of the treatment vary depending on the skin type, sensitivity, skin condition, and also largely, on the needles. The number of needles present and the length of the needles impact the affectivity of the treatment. For some patients, longer needles are used to produce deeper pinpricks enabling more production of collagen. It is always advised to proceed with any treatment only after an expert consultation. There are umpteen varieties of dermarollers available in the market these days, but it is always better to consult a cosmetologist before trying them.

    Apart from the skin condition, reactions to the treatment, and skin type- you must consider three main aspects while selecting a dermaroller:

    • Needle length- this impacts how deep the pinpricks are caused on your skin. The longer the needles, the deeper the pinpricks, resulting in more production of collagen and repair of deeper skin layers.
    • Number of needles- this impacts how many pinpricks are caused on your skin. The more the needles, the more the collagen production (use after dermatologist consultation).
    • Length and size of the handle- this determines the ease of operation. If the handle is long, sturdy, and has a comfortable grip, you can easily massage your face without harming your skin.

    7 Facts about Dermarollers

    Here are some interesting facts and benefits of a dermaroller that will surely surprise you.

    1. Premature Aging

    Many signs of premature aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and facial sagging can be reduced with dermarollers. The process of derma rolling slows anti-aging effects by plumping the skin and giving a youthful look.

    1. Sun Damage

    Dermarollers rejuvenate and repair sun damaged skin by stimulating collagen deposits of the skin. Collagen is the skin’s internal healer and does wonders to sun damaged skin.

    1. Hyperpigmentation

    Hyperpigmentation is a skin problem with irregular skin tones on the face- a part of the skin becomes darker. Dermaroller helps in repairing this skin and produces a rejuvenated, even skin tone.

    1. Stretch marks

    Derma rolling repairs stretch marks by repairing the damaged skin cells through collagen production. Even the skin elastin is regained. However, it takes at least 3-12 treatments for achieving visible results.

    Looking for a quick, permanent solution for stretch marks? Click here.

    1. Reducing Pore Size

    Large pores not only reduce the appearance of flawless skin, they also secrete excessive oil causing acne, blackheads etc. Although dermarollers do not impact this directly, they reduce the appearance of large pores by repairing the skin.

    1. Low Cost

    A dermaroller costs much less compared to other cosmetic treatments like chemical peels, laser surgery etc. Although it takes certain time to show effective results, dermarolling improves skin in the long run.

    1. Minimal Infections

    Your skin may take some time to get accustomed to derma rolling. The initial few sittings may result in a little bleeding. If there is excessive bleeding, blood clot, skin rashes or itching, one should immediately warn or discontinue the treatment. Sufficient gap between sessions should be ensured to give skin enough time to heal. In order to avoid all this, one has to seek expert help and guidance prior to the treatment.

    Advantages & Disadvantages of Dermarollers


    • Easy to use
    • Takes less time
    • Not painful
    • Quicker results


    • Has a chance of spreading or increasing acne
    • Can cause skin irritation
    • Can cause infection

    Lastly, it is important to find the right dermatologist and skin specialist for your treatment. It is important for the doctor to analyze your skin, understand its condition, look into where the skin texture can be improved, where the treatments need to be stressed on the skin, and what parts can be repaired. You may also have to discuss your skin care habits, routine, medications being used, skin conditions if any, etc; with the doctor. This is to avoid any complications.

    Located in MRC Nagar, Apollo Cosmetic Clinics has Chennai’s top surgeons to care for all your skin problems. Get the best skin treatments with our world-class procedural suites that have near zero infection rates. Our successful treatments and happy patients stand testimony to our personalized care, professional quality, and state-of-the-art infrastructures. Know more about us, here.

  • 7 Types of Acne Scar Laser Treatments & Their Benefits

    Having acne is scary and when it leaves behind ugly and visible scars on the face, it becomes a nightmare. Acne scars might be difficult to get rid of with home-made remedies and creams, but with laser treatment, you can have an all-clear face and restore your beauty and confidence.

    If you thought that acne affects only teenagers, then think again. Acne vulgaris can happen to anyone, anytime. It’s a chronic disease that occurs when our oil glands are frequently coagulated with oil, dirt and dead cells resulting in inflammation of the skin, a cluster of pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads. The main causes are bad skin hygiene and hormonal imbalance that can be triggered by stress, depression, dietary issues, etc. Escaping acne attack may be impossible but attacking acne scars is surely possible with laser treatment in a safe and effective manner.

    7 types of acne scar laser treatments

    Just like there are types of acne scars and skin types, there are different types of laser treatments to deal with them. Here are the most commonly used laser treatments:

    • Carbon dioxide lasers: This is an ablative resurfacing treatment. It involves melting or vaporizing the damaged tissues layer by layer by poking very tiny holes into the skin. Since the holes are minute and made swiftly with laser light energy and not a needle, there is hardly any pain. The idea is to stimulate healing so that the body can produce collagen naturally. Collagen is the protein that helps in the growth of fresh, healthy and new skin especially after an injury. The recovery period might take 5 to 7 days but the procedure itself can be done in just one seating.
    • Fraxel: This is a non-ablative treatment and is one of the most modern options. It does not destroy the outer layers of the skin by vaporizing it. Instead, it heats the skin tissues in such a manner that it clears out or burns out the old skin cells that are pigmented due to scarring. As compared to the carbon dioxide lasers, Fraxel is comparatively milder and is thus better for people with sensitive skin. The recovery time is 3-4 days which is less as compared to the CO2 treatment but the number of sessions required is more.
    • Fractional laser treatment: This is considered as one of the best as it affects only a small portion of the skin. It is designed in such a manner that it impacts only the scarred areas of the face while keeping the parts having normal skin, intact. The laser penetrates deep into the skin and hence is ideal for big, wide and deep scars. Since the area affected by the laser beams is less, the recovery time is also quicker.
    • V-Beam or Pulsed Dye Laser (PDL): This is a highly accurate technology that is perfect for removing the redness of acne scars and rosacea. The concentrated light beams attack enlarged red blood cells (the cause of redness) with heat. The intense heating of the blood vessels makes the outermost layer of the skin almost dead by eroding all its nutrients and oxygen. Once it is shed, the skin gets a chance to grow back normally.
    • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): This is apt for dark or brown acne scars. This treatment doesn’t attack the skin/acne texture much but works on the colour of the acne scars or acne-prone skin. It turns the colour back to the normal colour of the skin. The added benefit is that it also wipes out the bacteria that cause acne. The principle behind this treatment is that since darker objects absorb more light, the laser light is so intense that before it penetrates the normal skin, it is already absorbed in the area of skin which is darker due to scars. The heat thus absorbed, breaks down the pigmented cells.
    • Fractionated Eribum or Pixel laser: This is the most effective for Indian skin. It is completed in 4 to 6 sessions spread across a month. The light beam creates pixel size tiny dots or holes on the skin encouraging the body to heal these harmless and nearly invisible dots. In the process of healing the skin gets a chance to grow afresh, resulting in the appearance of a smooth and even skin in the previously scarred area.
    • Active FX and Deep FX: While active FX is recommended for smaller and shallow scars, deep FX is suitable for eradicating bigger and deeper acne scars. The first advantage of this is that it does not harm the epidermis (topmost and most sensitive layer of the skin) and affects only the dermis (the thicker layer of skin beneath the epidermis that contains the damaged glands and blood vessels). The second advantage is that after the treatment, you are not only scar-free but you also end up with a more youthful skin that’s firmer.

    Benefits of laser treatments

    Owing to their sophistication and powerful impact, you might be skeptical about laser treatments. The common benefits given below of the laser treatments discussed will clear all your doubts and fears.

    • They are non-invasive i.e. there is no surgery required at all
    • Unlike dermabrasion, it is painless as it does not ruthlessly strip off the top layer of the skin using a rapidly moving tool.
    • Unlike punch excision (method in which circles are cut around the damaged skin), the risk of infections is almost zero as there is no cutting and hardly any bleeding involved in laser treatments.
    • Unlike chemical peeling (acids are used to shed the first layer of the skin), there is no risk of harmful reactions of chemicals on the skin as laser treatments are chemical free.
    • The recovery time is minimal. Since there are no cuts and scars as such, the face gets back to normal within a week.

    Laser treatments might have guaranteed results with minimal side-effects but they may not suit everybody. If your complexion is dark or if you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, or have sensitive skin, then your condition may worsen with laser treatments. That is why it’s essential to consult an expert cosmetic surgeon before going in for any of these treatments. For an expert skin analysis and authentic laser treatments, only refer to the best doctors in the country at Apollo Cosmetic Clinic. Book an appointment here.

  • Is Scar Revision Surgery Right For You?

    Everybody loves to have flawless beautiful skin. Thanks to scar revision surgery you can now fade your scars away into the past. Scar revision surgery is a common plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery that removes or permanently reduces the visibility of scars on the skin in a safe manner. First, let’s get into the science of how and why scars are formed.

    Scars are nothing but the marks and the blemishes left on the skin after a wound, cut, pimple, surgical incision or a burn heals. They appear when the skin tissues get damaged and the skin gets disfigured and discolored. Some scars also appear if the wound is not healed properly. During the wound healing period, if you expose the wound to too much sun, it can lead to scars with hyper-pigmentation – scars that are darker than the normal skin color. And not keeping the wound dry during the healing process stimulates inflammation leading to bulging scars. Most scars go away with time but some remain if the wound is too deep into the skin or if the skin is damaged frequently (recurrence of acne). This is where scar revision surgery comes in handy!

    Why is a scar revision surgery right for you?

    A scar revision surgery can be recommended for you for various physical and psychological reasons:

    • To enhance your look and beauty
    • To boost your confidence and self-esteem because scars can be very embarrassing and de-motivating, especially if you can’t hide them
    • To ease your discomfort. Some scars can be at inconvenient places that can cause you pain or difficulty while moving around
    • To re-heal a poorly healed wound
    • To reduce the psychological trauma caused by an accident as scars can be a constant reminder of the unfortunate event that caused the scar

    When is a scar revision surgery right for you?

    If you think that getting a scar revision surgery done as soon as your wound closes will reduce your chances of having a scar, then you are wrong. Getting a scar removal treatment as the wound heals can be unhealthy and dangerous, and might leave you with a bigger scar than that you would have had. Here are the conditions required before you’re ready for a scar removal surgery:

    • You will have to wait for 12 to 18 months after the injury for this therapy to be performed. Scars change with time and the true nature of the scar will be known only after 12 to 18 months of the scar formation. By this time the skin on and around the scar will also be tensile or stretchable and be healthy enough to withstand the treatment
    • If you’re a smoker, you may have to quit smoking for a considerable time before and after the surgery
    • At least 1 week prior to the procedure, make sure you don’t use any creams or home remedies on the scar. It can otherwise cause complications
    • Don’t go out at all 1 day before the surgery. The idea is to avoid the scar from sun exposure
    • You have to be mentally prepared, calm and relaxed before the surgery. This is more relevant during the facial treatment. Anxiety increases your blood circulation and pressure which can cause difficulties

    What is a scar removal surgery? Read here.

    What type of scar revision surgery is right for you?

    No two scars are alike. There are different scar removal procedures designed to effectively cure different types of scars. The good news is that not all scar removal procedures are invasive. Some procedures may involve only a few injections and ointments. While only the major scar issues involve minor surgeries and laser treatment.  To know what type of scar revision treatment is right for you, your cosmetic surgeon will examine your health and your scar thoroughly. Your doctor will come up with a personalized plan for your scar removal treatment based on the following conditions:

    • Your skin age
    • Your daily medication
    • The location of the scar on the body – naturally facial scars need a delicate treatment as facial skin is more sensitive
    • The amount of blood circulated around the scar
    • The cause of the scar
    • Your skin quality
    • The size and severity of the scar
    • Your skin color
    • Your general health in terms of nutrition
    • The type of scar

    For further clarification, this has been explained below. The nature and features of the scar also determine the type of scar removal treatment you will require. Here are a few types:

    • Atrophic scars: These are in the form depressions in the skin. These are mainly caused by the deficiency of a protein called collagen in the body. Collagen is vital for skin strengthening and elasticity. Collagen injections is one of the most common and simple therapy to rectify this. Light acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, etc. are some of the atrophic scars that can be treated with cosmetic injections.
    • Keloid and hypertrophic scars: These are broad, raised, thick, dark and clustered scars that form mounds or small outward bumps on the skin. The only difference between a keloid scar and a hypertrophic scar is that the former goes beyond the wound area. The minor ones can be almost corrected with cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen) while the major ones can be shrunk and softened with the help of silicone sheets and steroid injections.
    • Burn scars: Wounds caused by fire and acids can penetrate deep into the skin. These scars need a more sophisticated treatment. Skin grafting or skin flapping may be ideal in most cases. It’s when healthy skin from some other part of the body is cut and put onto the scar area.
    • Sunburn damage: Chemical peeling might be comparatively expensive but it’s a treatment used to rectify sun burns and irregular skin discoloration. The whole idea behind the therapy is to shed the old skin and allow the new and fresh skin to regenerate.

    Even though scars cannot be totally erased, they can surely be reduced in size and color and can be made less obvious. The success rate of the scar removal also depends a lot on your plastic surgeon. For best and guaranteed results, only consult the best cosmetic surgeon in Chennai at Apollo Cosmetic Clinics.

  • How to make Oily Skin Fair & Glowing: 5 tips to swear by for Indian oily skin treatment

    If you spend hours wondering how to make oily skin fair & glowing, you can use natural remedies like lemon, rosewater, honey, sandalwood and Multani mitti to make oily skin fair and glowing. If you’re looking for simple remedies, this quick guide to oily skin treatment with home remedies will help you develop an easy-to-follow skin care routine.

    Skincare routines are an absolute must for a healthy glowing skin. Among some of the natural tips for fair skin is taking good care of your skin and avoiding a tan. Make sure you clean and moisturize, yes oily skin needs moisturizing too – choose oil-free and water-based moisturizers.

    Top skin care tips for Manage oily skin.

    Here are a few tips on how to make oily skin fair and glowing:

    • Lemon

      For a fair and glowing skin, use a mixture of fresh lemon juice and honey to lighten dark spots and blemishes.  Simply squeeze some fresh lemon juice and apply it directly on the skin with a cotton ball. Massage for 3 to 5 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water. Lemons are rich in vitamin C and citric acid, so they can help brighten and lighten your skin when used over time.

    • Sandalwood

      For naturally glowing and fair skin and oily skin treatment, use sandalwood. You can mix some sandalwood powder with a teaspoon of rose water and apply the paste over face and neck. Rinse after 10 minutes for the fresh glowing skin. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin and helps lighten dark skin patches and blemishes.


    • MultaniMitti/ Fuller’s Earth

      Simply mix 2 tsp of Multani mitti with 4 tbsp of cold orange juice and apply all over your face avoiding contact with eyes. Rinse with cool water after 20 minutes. Voila! Instant fairness for oily skin. Fuller’s earth is an all-time favourite beauty ingredient for Indians. A result of decomposed volcanic ash, Fuller’s Earth is a natural absorbent rich in minerals that help with the skin’s elasticity and also clears up the skin’s complexion. Try the following recipe to feel an instant glow.

    • Keep your skin clean and oil free

      Wash your face with cold water and avoid harsh scrubs that stimulate your skin to produce more oil. Avoid washing your face. Use soft tissues and blotting paper to get rid of excess oil. This tip is important. Remember to maintain a healthy oil balance.

    • Hydration

      Drink lots of water. Drinking at least 8 glasses a day will help rid the body and skin of toxins. Many have noticed an improvement in their skin by just picking up this one habit. Have fresh fruit juices and snack on cucumbers to keep skin problems at bay. Water plumps the skin cells up making them look less wrinkled. It flushes impurities and toxins out of the system keeping your face fresh and clean and thus aids in reducing breakouts and acne.

    With these fair skin tips for oily skin, you can build your own skin care regimen. Choose a regimen that best suits your skin. Give yourself an easy ice-cube facial when you can. For the best professional skin care and treatments head to Apollo Cosmetic Clinic, MRC Nagar. You can opt for a skin rejuvenation treatment or a peel. Consult a dermatologist to help understand a treatment best suited for your skin. You can book an appointment here.

  • Skin care tips for oily skin

    If your skin is often shining or glistening, or if you have regular outbursts of pimples even though you’re not a teenager anymore, or you are simply tired of putting up with the challenges of having oily skin, read on.

    There are two skin-types that suffer these effects – Oily skin and combination skin.

    How can you identify your skin type? People with oily skin usually have larger, more noticeable pores; people with combination skin have oily skin in the T-zone (nose to forehead) but have dry skin around the cheeks and rest of the face.
    The two main reasons for oily skin are hormones and genetics. Our bodies produce an oil called ‘sebum’ to keep our skin soft, but in some cases, the body produces more sebum than necessary and this leads to acne flare-ups and other oily skin related problems.

    Oily Skin Care Tips:

    • Cleansing -Regular cleansing of the skin, 2 to 3 times a day, helps get rid of dirt and oil build-up on your skin. It cleans clogged pores where excess oil tends to accumulate. There are a number of skin-care products you can turn to, depending on your skin type. Look for gel-based or foaming cleansers which are oil free. Medicated soaps also help, but consult a dermatologist to know which type of soap best suits your skin.
    • Handling-Avoid vigorous rubbing of the skin, as this will strip the skin of its natural moisture and damage the sebaceous glands (the glands responsible for producing oil), which in turn may result in your skin producing more oil than before. Look for products with: Tea tree oil, neem, honey or salicylic acid. Remember to remove all make-up before going to bed.
    • Scrub / Exfoliate –Be sure to exfoliate your skin at least once or twice a week. Scrubbing gets rid of the dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of your skin which is the main cause of blackheads, whiteheads and acne. Be gentle while exfoliating to prevent long-term damage to your skin. This also helps with skin fairness. Use sunscreen every time you venture out – again, it is best to consult with a dermatologist to find out which type of sunscreen is best for you.
    • Changes in diet –The food we eat plays an important role in controllingnatural oil production. Include protein-rich food in your daily diet and increase your intake of green, leafy vegetables. Reduce consumption of fats and sugars, which also means a reduced intake of foods like chocolate, deep-fried food and alcoholic beverages. Foods rich in Vitamin B2 help curb excess oil production, so include foods like kernels, nuts and beans in your diet.
    • Home Remedies –There are several home remedies for oily skin that you can try to help you keep it healthy and soft:
      • Yogurt helps in absorbing excess oil from the surface. Apply a mixture of yogurt, honey and oatmeal on your face and let it sit for 15 minutes before gently washing it away with warm water.
      • Tomatoes have cooling properties and their acidic property helps in clearing oily skin. Rub a few pieces of cut, raw tomatoes on your skin till the juices soak in and then wash it away after 15 minutes.
      • A mixture of egg whites and lemon juice can be applied on the face and left to work its magic for 15 minutes before washing it off.

    In conclusion, there are many small steps you can take to combat oily skin and its side-effects. Clean your skin regularly and gently.Scrub and exfoliate once or twice a week, incorporate healthy diet changes suggested above. Notice a positive change in your skin!

    Consult with our panel of top cosmetologists and dermatologists to understand your skin type better and to know what products and remedies suit your skin. In some advanced cases of acne or dry skin, you might need to turn to medical treatment. With specialized equipment and the best experts in acne scar removal, skin rejuvenation, scar and stretch mark removal; our clinics ensure you get the best treatment possible for all your skin-related woes.

  • What is laser hair removal treatment?

    In today’s world, unwanted hair on visible areas is one of the many problems women face. Frequent visits to the beauty parlour seem worthless but laser hair removal treatment is one such treatment that can put this to rest.

    Laser hair removal – know-how

    Laser hair removal treatment is performed by using laser light energy. The laser creates a beam of highly concentrated light that penetrates deeply into the skin where heat is produced. The light absorbs the pigment located in the hair follicles and destroys numerous hair roots at a time. Laser hair removal slows down the growth of hair and during this procedure, the surrounding skin remains unaffected. It generally consists of 6-8 sessions.

    Laser hair removal- Before & after

    Before undergoing this procedure the doctor first reviews your medical history to know your medical status. The doctor also examines your skin to make a note of the condition of your hair follicle.

    Laser hair removal- Recovery factors of treatment

    After the procedure, the patient might notice mild redness and swelling for which the doctor might suggest using painkillers or soothing gels, creams and lotion to reduce any pain, discomfort or swelling.

    Laser hair removal treatment is definitely one of the best options for a long term investment. Apart from this, it also provides the skin a smoother and softer look over time with gradual hair removal sessions.

    Our team of experts, who are certified dermatologists at Apollo Cosmetic Clinics, can help you find the best solutions to remove unwanted hair. At Apollo Cosmetic Clinics, we provide the best laser hair removal treatment with the best state-of-the-art facility. If you’re ever considering a permanent solution for hair removal of unwanted hair, visit our clinic for a skin check. Our experts will analyze your skin condition and accordingly suggest treatment options for optimum results.

    No more hairy problems- get smooth skin with our touch of expertise!

  • What are Bridal peels?

    It is every bride’s dream to look like an epitome of beauty on her wedding day because it marks an important change in her life. The pre-wedding preparations include workout regimes, healthy diets, beauty sleep, and a lot of beauty treatments and endless skin care routines like bridal peels! And for this purpose, some popular pre-wedding skin care treatments have been listed here, in order to make a perfect pre-wedding beauty package for the bride.

    Types of Peels for the Bride:

    • Whitening peels

    This skin lightening process affects the amount of melanin in the skin. Since it is the pigment that gives skin its dark color, reducing the amount of melanin in the skin results in a lighter skin tone. It is always better to look out for skin whitening peels or chemical peels, that have exfoliants in the ingredients.

    • Fruit peels

    This treatment helps in skin rejuvenation. Fruits help in boosting your skin and also bring back the balance naturally.

    • Chemical peels

    In this treatment, a chemical solution is used to remove the damaged outer layers of the skin. It is typically administered as a facial peel and these peels help you enhance and smoothen the texture of your skin. This treatment also helps in exfoliating the outer layers of the dead skin.

    What are bridal peels?

    This is a type of skin treatment that adds a glow to the bride’s skin. This treatment is different as compared to a regular peel. It helps in removing scars, acne, blemishes and also evens the skin tone. These peels stimulate the collagen levels in the skin, hence reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Overall, this treatment rejuvenates the skin by adding a glow to it!

    How does a bridal peel work?

    This treatment aims at removing dead layers of the skin and unclogging the pores of the skin, giving it a smooth, fresh, rejuvenated & flawless look. In this treatment only the top layer of the skin is treated, thus resulting in minimum damage or infections. It is best to begin a month before, for optimum results.

    Which bridal peel is best for you?

    Selecting the best bridal peel depends on the individual skin type because not all peels suit a skin type. And this can be best suggested to you by an expert cosmetologist.

    Aftercare of the treatment

    After the treatment, it is best advised to stay away from sunlight for a while. Following your cosmetologist’s instructions will yield the best benefits.

    At Apollo Cosmetic Clinics we have expert cosmetologists and skin specialists who will help you choose the best bridal peel treatments, according to your skin type, and help you look stunning on your big day!

  • Skin pigmentation and its effects on your skin

    Most of the coastal regions are exposed to extreme levels of humidity along with harsh sunlight. This is leading to skin tanning and skin pigmentation. Due to which the dark spots, scars & dull patches are inevitable.

     What is this pigmentation?

    Pigmentation means colouring. The skin gets its colour from a pigment called melanin. Melanin is also present in the hair and iris of the eye. There are special cells in the skin that produce melanin. Skin pigmentation – a common distressing skin condition which is marked by the presence of uneven dark patches in an otherwise even skin tone.

    Sometimes pigmentation disorders affect only a part of your skin, like the face. It can also affect your entire body. If your body produces too much melanin, your skin colour gets darker.

    The main causes for pigmentation are – pregnancy & sun exposure.

    • Pregnancy

    During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through hormonal changes.  As a result, they suffer from melasma. An increase in the production of melanin causes melasma. Melasma is a skin condition where dark irregular brown patches appear on the forehead, nose upper part of the cheeks & upper lips.

    • Tanning due to skin exposure to the sun

    Tanning is causes increase in the production of melanin on the skin. Exposure to the harsh levels of sunlight results in darkening of the skin. This is common on the forehead, outer aspect of arms & temples.

    Are there any treatments for pigmentation? Read on to find out more.

    The simple ways in getting rid of pigmentation & sun tan are:

    • Coconut water

    Try to have coconut water on alternate day basis it replenishes the skin & fights pigmentation

    • Vitamin B & Vitamin C

    Add Vitamin B & Vitamin C complex supplements to your diet

    • Homemade packs

    Use homemade packs with curd/lemon juice/papaya pulp/pineapple juice. It helps lighten the skin complexion

    • Protect your skin

    Use protective clothing like scarf’s, sun coats, hats & caps to protect your skin from exposure to the sun

    • Sunscreen

    Use a sunscreen with SPF 30 and above

    The most recent long lasting, modern, effective skin treatment to treat pigmentation and other skin problems is the chemical peel treatment. Our highly qualified and experienced team of dermatologists at Apollo Cosmetic Clinics can run you through the various chemical peel treatments available. Our experts can guide you on which treatment will work the best for your skin type. So go ahead and give your skin a boost with the best of chemical peel treatments.

  • Does rain aggravate acne?

    One of the most troublesome problems with the skin today is acne. What is it? It is a skin condition, which usually occurs due to hormonal changes in the human body after puberty. Most commonly appears on the face, back, chest, shoulders, and neck.

    Adult acne causes are due to inflammation of the sebaceous glands. These glands produce oil that triggers its formation. This is a common cause in both genders is due to the disturbance in the hormonal levels of androgen.

    Generally speaking, the ca vary from person to person. Various factors such as genetic factors, unruly eating habits, stress levels, application of greasy cosmetics, uneven estrogen’s levels in women, and lifestyle habits along with external factors like weather and climatic conditions are a few mentioned causes.

    Effect of weather and climate

    Acne has a tendency to aggravate during summers due to excessive dust, heat and humid conditions causing the skin to secrete excess oil. Have you noticed your tissue or hanky after you wipe your sweat off your face? Keeping your inner self-cool and hydrated is the best way to keep away from acne during summers. Also, it is better to avoid application of moisturizer during summers.

    Can cold weather cause acne? One of the main reasons cited for winter breakouts is dehydrated and dry skin. Due to the chill wind outside, the skin gets dry. This will push the glands to secrete more oil in order to maintain balance, and this causes acne. The best treatment during winters is drinking the right amount of fluids and staying hydrated. Applying sufficient amount of skin moisturizers will help in fighting the external cold.

    Although rainy season is the most loved season of all. The rains in most of the places leads to a rise in the humidity levels. Usually, this happens in the coastal regions, which can cause infections that are detrimental to the skin. The rise in humidity levels may impact the bacterial and fungal accumulation on the skin, and the stickiness and sweaty atmospheres causes the skin to react to the germs. If you have oily skin, open pores or active sebaceous glands, your skin attracts the bacteria and fungus easily. Once these bacteria and fungus contact your skin, it aggravates acne problem. So, people with sensitive and oily skin must take extensive care of their skin during the rains.

    Tips to prevent acne

    These are some of the best acne treatments:

    • Keeping a tab on your diet
    • Oily foods are a strict no!
    • Consume a minimum of 2 litres of water daily to keep your skin hydrated and healthy
    • Include fresh fruits, raw vegetables, sprouts and whole grains in your diet

    If your acne is serious, you should consult a dermatologist. Our specialists at Apollo Cosmetic Clinics will not only help you with the best acne treatment but will also ensure your skin gets rid of the scars. The experts at Apollo Cosmetic Clinics will combine their knowledge, experience and the best of technology to give you clear skin that you’ve been dreaming of!


  • Why are Chemical Peels Trending right now

    If you’re looking to give your skin a boost, then a chemical peel is the perfect treatment for you. If you’re wondering what’s a chemical peel or what are the best chemical peels or where you can get the best professional chemical peels, read on.

    What’s a chemical peel?

    Chemical peeling is a procedure that helps peel off the dead layers of your skin, exposing a new layer of skin and giving your skin a soft, supple and rejuvenated look.  The process of involves applying a chemical solution made up of glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid or carbolic acid or a combination of these substances to either the face, neck or hands. A chemical peel can be superficial, medium or deep, depending on the intensity of the solution used in the procedure.

    Why are chemical peels popular?

    Now that you know the answer to the question ‘What’s a chemical peel?, let’s explore why best professional chemical peels are in such great demand.

    – Best remedy for aging skin

    When we’re young, our skin follows a pattern of shedding its old layers and replacing them with new ones. However, as you grow older, this process slows down, causing your skin to appear dull and lifeless. Chemical peeling fights various signs of aging by mimicking the skin’s natural process of replacing old layers of skin with new .

    – Non-surgical procedure

    Chemical peeling is a non-invasive procedure that leaves minimal temporary marks, which fade away in a couple of weeks. As compared to a surgical procedure, best professional chemical peels require hardly any recovery time or post procedure care. All you have to do is stay away from direct exposure to sunlight for a certain period after your procedure.

    – Solves many skin-related problems

    Not only does a chemical peel slough off your skin’s dead cells, it also helps with other skin problems such as wrinkles, scars and blemishes, acne and damage caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

    Now that you know what is a chemical peel and what are the best chemical peels. You must be looking for the best professional chemical peels. When it comes to your skin, always trust only the best like Apollo Cosmetic Clinic. We have a team of experienced dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. At Apollo Cosmetic Clinic we will ensure, you get the best treatment without side effects.

    For more information visit our website –

  • Tips to pimple-proof your skin

    Don’t you just hate it when you wake up in the morning and realize that you have a zit on your face? And imagine if this happens on an important day, such as a job interview, your wedding, etc.! You can try various make up products, but nothing will completely cover up those pimples or your feeling of disappointment at not looking your best.


    Instead of constantly looking for ways on how to get rid of acne, opt for the best treatment for acne which will also show you how to prevent pimples. Until then, here are a few skin care tips you can use to remove pimples:


    – Wash Well

    To remove extra oil and dirt from your face in order to avoid clogging of your pores, wash you

    r face twice daily with a face wash that is not too harsh on your skin yet does its job well. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you don’t use a rough cloth to wipe your face after washing.

    Interested in tea tree oil acne treatment? All you have to do is dilute some tea tree oil and dab it on your face with a piece of cotton wool. This is a must add in your pimple care routine.


    – Moisturise Right

    Many people think that those with oily skin needn’t use a moisturizer, but this isn’t true. Use a face cream that is suited for your skin. If you have acne on your face, use a face cream that is water based. This will moisturize your skin and hydrate it, yet not leave it oily.


    – Reduce Your Use of Make up

    Cosmetic products contain chemicals and fragrances that could react with your skin, leading to a break out. Use as little make up as possible, and even then opt for natural products based options.


    – Acne Treatment Products

    Some substances such as glycolic acid, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are known to be good pimple remedies. They are easily available in the market in the form of soaps, acne creams, etc. These products will not just tackle your acne and prevent future break outs, but will also help reduce acne scars.


    While the above acne treatment tips are a blessing for acne prone skin, if your acne is serious and you require pimple care, you should consult a dermatologist. Specialists at a reputed cosmetic clinic such as Apollo Cosmetic Clinics will not only help you with pimple treatment as well as solutions for other skin problems, but will also help you get rid of acne scars. Backed by Apollo’s 34 years of excellence in the healthcare field, the experts at Apollo Cosmetics Clinics will combine their knowledge, experience and the best of technology to give you clear skin that you’ve been dreaming of!

  • Home Fruit Pack Recipes for Glowing Skin – DIY

    We all know about the nutritional benefits of eating fruit daily. But do you know about the wonders these fruits can do for your skin when they are used as a face mask? You may have heard about the wonders of a turmeric face pack or a honey face pack but it’s time you tried out a homemade face pack bursting with the natural goodness of fruits!

    Read on to know more about face packs for glowing skin and how to get beautiful:

    Papaya and Honey Face Pack
    Papaya can do magic not just for your weight loss efforts but also your facial skin. Using papaya and honey as a face pack will definitely get you a glowing face as papaya is rich in Vitamin A and the papain enzyme which will exfoliate your skin effectively, and will also prevent signs of aging and acne and any scare you might have. Honey will hydrate your skin, thereby acting as a natural moisturizer.

    Tomato Face Pack
    While the status of tomatoes as fruits is still being disputed, go ahead and use this pulpy source of nutrition as an ingredient in a face mask, as it contains Vitamins A and C, lycopene and antioxidants, all of which aid your skin’s oxygenation process, thereby reducing the damage caused by harmful UV rays and slowing down the ageing process. Add oatmeal and yogurt to the tomato puree to get a fruit pack for oily skin. If you’re looking for a fruit pack for dry skin, simply replace the yogurt with milk.

    – Cucumber Face Pack
    Cucumbers have the ability to cool not just your stomach but your skin as well. A homemade face pack made of pureed cucumber, honey, milk and brown sugar will reduce any inflammation or water retention, and is also a good healing agent for tanned or even burnt skin. The milk in this fruit pack will improve the elasticity and texture of your facial skin. This combination makes for a good fruit pack for oily skin as well as a recommended fruit pack for dry skin.

    – Banana Face Pack
    Mash together with a few bananas and add some honey and lemon juice and you’ve got yourself a fruit pack for oily skin! Banana, with its high levels of Vitamins A, B6 and C as well as antioxidants will detoxify your skin, making it healthy and moisturized, yet keep it oil-free. The lemon juice in this pack will reduce your scars and blemishes, and fight acne, while the honey will prevent the occurrence of acne in the future.

    – Orange Peel Face Pack
    Now you can enjoy the taste of those pulpy oranges and save the rinds to make a homemade face pack. Add yogurt and honey to powdered orange rinds to make a fruit pack for oily skin. The orange rinds will clean out your pores, leaving your skin refreshed, while the honey and yogurt in the fruit pack will hydrate your skin, and reduce the impact of tanning respectively, leaving your skin soft and smooth.

    While these face packs for glowing skin are good to maintain the health and appearance of your facial skin, in case you are facing skin troubles such as acne, warts, scars, stretch marks, etc., it’s important to visit an established clinic such as Apollo Cosmetic Clinics and get your skin tested and checked by top dermatologists in order to ensure that your skin condition doesn’t get worse and that existing damage is taken care of. Also, if you have a special occasion coming up, you can always opt for a peel that will remove the dead skin from your face and literally give it new life!

  • What does cosmetology mean for men?

    Gone are the days when looking good was a woman’s job. Today, everyone, including men, is interested in taking care of their appearance and putting their best foot, or in this case best face, forward.

    Proof of this is the rise of the ‘metrosexual’ man – someone who puts in effort with his appearance right from his grooming to his accessories. And this trend has forever changed the benchmark for the way a man should look – An unkempt look is fashionable no more! In fact, today, if you are unfit or sloppy in your appearance, you are judged negatively. And don’t we all know the importance of a good first impression!

    Over the past decade or so, salons and cosmetic clinics have gone from being women-centric to offering a wide range of services for men as well. And rightly so – There’s only that much you can do by yourself, and after that it’s important to trust the experts. And especially with the constant advancement of technology, this has become a safe and trusted area.

    Let’s take a look at some options to make you look, and in turn feel, better:

    Liposuction and Tummy Tuck
    If you’re overweight and wondering how to lose weight, or if you’re stuck with a beer belly and confused about how to lose belly fat, fret not. When gyms and diets can’t do anything more, you tend to get frustrated and give up, leading to negative impacts on your social, personal and professional lives. But liposuction and tummy tuck are here to save the day. While both procedures work on removing fat from your body and enhancing your appearance, there is a difference between them – In a tummy tuck, the redundant skin is removed and the underlying muscles are tightened, while a liposuction procedure only removes fat from an area of your body, leaving your body to work on the natural skin tightening process.

    Gynecomastia Surgery
    Man boobs, or moobs as they are more commonly called, are unusual deposits of fat, giving an appearance of breasts in men. If you’re tired of being teased about your moobs or having to wear loose shapeless clothing in order to hide them, then you should definitely consider gynecomastia surgery, which surgically corrects over-developed or enlarged breasts in men.

    Hair Transplant
    Suffering from alopecia or other forms of baldness, and looking for hairfall treatment or baldness cure? You should opt for hair transplant where hair from other parts of your body will be transplanted to your scalp, or beard or moustache areas. With the reasonable cost of hair transplantation, you need not worry anymore about how to stop hairfall.

    So why look in the mirror and worry about that bulging stomach or the bald patch right above your forehead or those scars that refuse to go away? All you need to do is visit a reputed clinic such as Apollo Cosmetic Clinic to make a positive change in your life. Choose an expert that ensures you not just a wide range of services but also quality aspects such as topnotch infrastructure, highly experienced medical personnel and most importantly, zero infection rates to ensure that you don’t suffer any complications. Apollo Cosmetic Clinic satisfies all these quality requirements while providing you with various essential services such as beard and moustache transplant, face sculpting and scar removal, along with liposuction, tummy tuck and gynecomastia procedures.

  • Take Control Of Your Aging Skin

    Aging affects us all – the way we act, the way we feel, and definitely the way we look. But with advancements in skin care, you can have a say in the way aging affects your skin – and maybe even get back to the way you looked not so long ago. Thermage is a proven, unique radiofrequency treatment that can help improve the appearance of sagging or loose skin, giving you a smoother, sleeker and younger look and feel. Thermage works in just one treatment with little down time and delivers a natural looking result. It’s you, just younger looking and more confident.

    Thermage is effective on:

    1. The Eyes – hooding, fine lines and even our brow line can make us look worn-down. Thermage treats the upper and lower eyelids to help you look more youthful and rested.
    2. The Face – as we age, phrases like “turkey neck”, loose jowls, sagging skin and “what happened to my jawline?” creep in. Thermage smooth’s lines and wrinkles and remodels collagen for the overall health of the skin.
    3. The Body – aging doesn’t just affect the skin on our faces, our bodies see the effects too, with crepey, sagging skin and unwanted bulges and dimples. Thermage is a non-invasive way to smooth the skin on our bodies and even temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite.

    For any support required visit Apollo Cosmetic Clinics. Or call +91-97909-77977 or mail us at