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Does rain aggravate acne?

One of the most troublesome problems with the skin today is acne. What is it? It is a skin condition, which usually occurs due to hormonal changes in the human body after puberty. Most commonly appears on the face, back, chest, shoulders, and neck.

Adult acne causes are due to inflammation of the sebaceous glands. These glands produce oil that triggers its formation. This is a common cause in both genders is due to the disturbance in the hormonal levels of androgen.

Generally speaking, the ca vary from person to person. Various factors such as genetic factors, unruly eating habits, stress levels, application of greasy cosmetics, uneven estrogen’s levels in women, and lifestyle habits along with external factors like weather and climatic conditions are a few mentioned causes.

Effect of weather and climate

Acne has a tendency to aggravate during summers due to excessive dust, heat and humid conditions causing the skin to secrete excess oil. Have you noticed your tissue or hanky after you wipe your sweat off your face? Keeping your inner self-cool and hydrated is the best way to keep away from acne during summers. Also, it is better to avoid application of moisturizer during summers.

Can cold weather cause acne? One of the main reasons cited for winter breakouts is dehydrated and dry skin. Due to the chill wind outside, the skin gets dry. This will push the glands to secrete more oil in order to maintain balance, and this causes acne. The best treatment during winters is drinking the right amount of fluids and staying hydrated. Applying sufficient amount of skin moisturizers will help in fighting the external cold.

Although rainy season is the most loved season of all. The rains in most of the places leads to a rise in the humidity levels. Usually, this happens in the coastal regions, which can cause infections that are detrimental to the skin. The rise in humidity levels may impact the bacterial and fungal accumulation on the skin, and the stickiness and sweaty atmospheres causes the skin to react to the germs. If you have oily skin, open pores or active sebaceous glands, your skin attracts the bacteria and fungus easily. Once these bacteria and fungus contact your skin, it aggravates acne problem. So, people with sensitive and oily skin must take extensive care of their skin during the rains.

Tips to prevent acne

These are some of the best acne treatments:

  • Keeping a tab on your diet
  • Oily foods are a strict no!
  • Consume a minimum of 2 litres of water daily to keep your skin hydrated and healthy
  • Include fresh fruits, raw vegetables, sprouts and whole grains in your diet

If your acne is serious, you should consult a dermatologist. Our specialists at Apollo Cosmetic Clinics will not only help you with the best acne treatment but will also ensure your skin gets rid of the scars. The experts at Apollo Cosmetic Clinics will combine their knowledge, experience and the best of technology to give you clear skin that you’ve been dreaming of!