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Derma roller Treatment

The busy times now doesn’t allow us to take proper care of our skin. After all, a beautiful skin reflects a healthy body. And the path to a healthy and beautiful skin is lined with extensive skin care. When it comes to skin care, there are a wide range of options available nowadays. From ointments to chemical treatments, you are served with a large number of options at your disposal which give you results from overnight treatments to long-term result giving procedures. One such option is the derma roller treatment which is fast catching up in the league of famous beauty treatments. And it is the best option to give you a smoother radiant and healthier skin.


What is Derma roller treatment?

Dermaroller Treatment at Apollo Cosmetics

Derma roller is a device that helps improve blood supply and activate the body’s wound healing mechanism. It is very effective in improving wrinkles and reduces cellulite. Derma rolling treatment is also known as micro-needling or skin needling. It is used to induce the production of collagen and elastin which in-turn helps improve and repair the skin. Derma Rollers increase the skins ability to absorb the applied medicinal products and help skin re-growth and healing thus making it look more radiant, smoother and younger.

Derma rollers give best results in removal of stretch marks and repair scars and regenerate the skin. A derma roller in appearance is unique. It has nearly 100 to 1000 tiny needles and a long handle that helps to use the roller at the target area. The size of the needles helps in reaching deeper layers of the skin where collagen and elastin are produced.

Derma roller treatment is an ingenious approach to attain a perfect looking skin. It is the best possible choice you can make to treat wrinkles, fine lines and stretch marks on the skin. But choosing an appropriate derma roller is very important.

At Apollo Cosmetic Clinics, our dermatologists make sure to provide you comprehensive assistance in choosing the best possible skincare treatment and choose a derma roller wisely to give you a customised experience according to your skin.


How derma roller works?

The secret of the derma roller before after results produced by the derma roller lies in its tiny needles. The therapist will apply a topical anaesthetic cream and use an antiseptic solution to clean the area. A single use, sterile roller with microneedles will be used all over the area to be treated until it causes point bleeding, redness and slight swelling. Creating these micro-traumas will jump start your body’s collagen production. A specific nourishing serum will also be infused in the needles to enhance the cell regeneration process. The session usually lasts for 15 to 20 min after which the therapist will clean the area with a cream and apply sunblock to protect from sun damage.

Apollo Cosmetic Clinic makes it a point to deliver to its patients the exact results they expect and so provide services that are customizable and cater to specific needs of the patient.


What are the benefits of derma roller?

–       The biggest advantage of the derma roller for face is that it boosts the skin’s internal healing capability without using much of the outer elements.

–       Derma roller treatment harnesses natural qualities of the skin to keep you looking refreshed.

–       It is a great way to revitalise your ageing skin without turning to cosmetic surgery.

–       Derma roller helps to treat the wrinkles and fine lines

–       Derma roller treatment slows down the per-mature ageing of the skin by triggering the collagen and elastin growth.

–       It repairs and rejuvenates the skin from sun damage by stimulating the collagen deposits of the skin.

–       Derma roller works amazingly well for eliminating hyperpigmentation.

–       Collagen production induced by derma rolling reduces the stretch marks prominently.

–       Bigger pores on the skin look unflattering and make your skin look dull and can cause problems like acne and blackheads. Derma roller treatments helps reduce larger pores on the skin to make it look fresh.

–       It’s easy to use on any part of the body

–       Time taken for the treatment is less than other skin treatments.

–       Derma Roller treatment gives quicker results than other skin treatments and that one reason it is slowly garnering popularity.


What are the side effects of derma roller?

–       People with sensitive skin may experience inflammation if the treatment is done with longer length needles. However, it usually gets resolved within few hours of the treatment. It is vital to check with your dermatologist before getting a derma roller to check if you have any underlying inflammatory symptoms.

–       Aggressive rolling sometimes leads to temporary bleeding. To prevent bleeding less pressure should be applied while doing the treatment

–       Due to derma rolling scar may appear wider and shallower because derma roller causes their walls to collapse. But derma rolling gradually fills them up.

–       Derma rolling treatment sometimes can aggravate acne if its active and can spread over other area.

–       If you have an active infection and derma roller treatment is carried out, then the infection may spread. So, it should be made sure to first treat any underlying conditions before getting a derma rolling treatment.


What is the recovery time after derma roller treatment?

–       The recovery in case of Derma Roller Treatment is quite quick and comparatively painless.

–       However, care is required to be taken after the procedure. Proper Sunblock should be used, and a daily skin care regime should be put into use.

–       Mostly your therapist will prescribe you some creams and a skin care regime that should be followed to make the effects last longer.

–       You should expect redness and sensitivity on the treated area which should subside soon and leave you with clearer complexion

–       Your therapist will assess the exact downtime for you according to the skin condition and the intensity of the treatment.

At Apollo Cosmetic Clinics, we specialize in dermatological treatments and our team of skilled doctors and nurses strive to provide comprehensive after treatment support and care. With best in class infrastructure and equipment, your skin is in the right hands.


How to use derma roller at home?

Derma roller for hair loss

Hair growth depends upon the genes that helps promote the development of new hair cells. Derma roller works by triggering the body’s wound healing response and stimulating the production of human growth factor. When needles are rolled over the skin, they cause minor surface wounds to the tissue. This wound healing would kindle the creation of proteins that are responsible for the production of new hair follicle, which will eventually lead to the blood circulation and enhance the nutrients to your follicles, leaving you with new hair growth.

How to use?

  • Wet your hair before using a derma roller on your scalp as it will avoid your hair getting tangled in the roller.
  • Apply the hair restoration product onto the scalp to ensure full coverage.
  • Start with using derma roller at the front of the scalp and move slowly toward the back of the head.
  • Repeat this process from front to back until you have covered each and every area.
  • Roll each area 10-15 times focusing on one section of the scalp at a time. Follow the technique of rolling diagonally, vertically and horizontally.
  • Apply the hair restoration product again to make sure that there is adequate coverage and absorption of product.

How often can you use?

  • A 1 mm derma roller can be used once a week.
  • A .5 mm derma roller can be used 2-3 times a week.
  • A .2 mm or .3 mm derma roller can be used every day or every other day.

If you want to use a derma roller for hair loss, then you should first consult with a dermatologist and if you want to do by your own, then make sure you follow the guidelines properly.

Acne scar removal derma roller

Derma roller  is considered as an effective treatment for not just acne scars but to improve overall skin tone and texture. It can help remove scarring, zits and pimples. When rolled over the scar tissue, they break down and stimulate the skin cells to help them flourish and heal themselves. It improves the blood supply, which eventually boost collagen and elastin formation. It can also be used to treat skin pigmentation, birth marks, stretch marks and wrinkles etc. So, if you are looking for derma roller for scars, derma roller for skin conditions, then you’ve come to right place.

How to use?

  • Wash your face properly or cleanse it gently. You can use steam to open pores or can apply a toner if required and apply normal skin toner on the skin.
  • Apply a mild anaesthesia.
  • Stretch the skin in a certain perimeter to make your skin tight and this will help the derma roller to work efficiently on all pores.
  • Use skin medication after the use of derma roller. This will make the skin more responsive to the medicine, giving you better results.
  • Use a crisscross motion from top to bottom, from left to right and diagonally when using the derma roller.

How often can you use?

Use the derma roller for at least twice a week for about 10-15 minutes.

You can safely use this at home but it is recommended to consult an expert before you try this. Remember to use sunscreen before stepping out while undergoing this treatment. Derma roller benefits for face are many but you should not use a derma roller for these skin conditions- moles, warts, popped zits, blisters and open skin wounds.

Derma roller for stretch marks/breast stretch marks

If you are looking for a non-surgical treatment to get rid of those annoying stretch marks, then Derma roller is the best option for you. They work best for every skin tone and age. This treatment works by rolling needles over the skin leading to microscopic wounds, breaking down scar tissues, boosting elastin and collagen formation in the dermis and epidermis. Derma roller promotes the healing action of the body by increasing the generation of collagen which elongates the course to lift the healing greater than normal.

How to use?

  • Start by sterilizing your hands and the target area to avoid any kind of infection.
  • Make sure you are wearing gloves throughout the procedure.
  • Apply the numbing cream on the target area and leave it there for about 15 minutes.
  • Roll each line for about 4-5 times depending upon your pain sensation. Move the derma roller in cross motions.
  • Use the antibacterial solution and leave it on the target area for one hour, if you have used the numbing cream. Wash the area with cold water.
  • Leave the derma roller in a disinfectant solution for about half an hour to sterilise it.

How often can you use?

Needles of 1.5 mm should be used once in 3-4 weeks, needles of 1 mm can be used every other week and needles of .5 mm can be used 1-2 times in a week.

This treatment is completely safe and harmless as there are no side-effects. You will be able to see the results after 2-3 weeks of the procedure. However, the duration may vary depending upon the use of derma roller, size of needle, pressure exerted and the length of needle etc. If you are allergic to chemical products or do not want to undergo any cosmetic procedure, then you can definitely try this.



1) How to choose a derma roller suitable for your skin?

When choosing the right type of derma roller, it is important to keep in mind the below three points:

–       Needle length

–       Number of needles

–       Length and size of the needles.

Our renowned dermatologists and outstanding team at Apollo Cosmetic Clinics will equip you with a comprehensive knowledge about the procedure and options that will enable you to take a well-informed decision.


2) Is there any downtime?

The down time of the treatment is minimal, and patient can return to routine soon after the procedure.


3) How long does it take for derma roller to work?

Derma Roller treatment gives quicker results (4-6 weeks) than other skin treatments


Why Apollo Cosmetic Clinic?

Apollo Cosmetic Clinics’s dermatology clinics are renowned for its state of the art internationally acclaimed services. As we understand each patient is different and has different needs, we offer customizable and cost -effective procedures which suit your needs and fit in your budget as well. You can get in touch with our dermatologists at your nearest Apollo Cosmetic Clinics clinic and book a consultation. Our outstanding team of doctors will help you make a well-informed decision. Book your appointment today to know derma roller cost in Chennai.

Any skin treatment that one decides to undergo should be done with utmost care and vigilance. After all skin is the barometer to measure your inner well- being. So, no chances should be taken and hence we are here to take care of everything that you desire to have. Our wide range of skincare treatments and procedures are such that they can be mixed and matched as per a person’s preference and with correct guidance from our dermatologists, you are sure to achieve the type of skin you have always wished for.