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Bridal Peeling Treatment & Steps of Procedure

Every bride wants to look flawless on her big day. However, skin care is one of the biggest concerns for every bride. The skin care routine and preparations usually start well ahead of the time. Some women may take extreme measures like not stepping out of the house or following fad diets, to prevent skin damage. Certain treatments can help the bride’s skin look more radiant and lively. There are different kinds of treatment available, but the most popular among them is the bridal peel.

What are bridal peels?

Bridal peels are skin care treatments that can help the bride’s skin glow on her wedding day. A bridal chemical peel is completely different from that of a daily working regular peel in its strength and concentration. These peels include whitening peels, chemical peels, and fruit peels.
Bridal peels help in the removal of superficial scars, acne, blemishes and give the skin an even tone. The peels are also helpful for reducing the fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating the collagen production.

These peels are better done every month if the wedding is planned in advance, however, it is better to do the peel two weeks before the wedding, for maximum effect on the skin. The desired effect of bridal peels may not be visible immediately, it takes time for the skin to rejuvenate and glow.

How does bridal peeling work?

Bridal peeling aims at removing the upper dead layers of skin and clearing the clogged pores, which gives a smooth, fresh, and rejuvenated flawless skin. Bridal peels are usually done on superficial layers of the skin.

Which peels are the best to choose?

Not all peels are suitable for a bride. Select the peels that are effective and safe for the skin.
Depending on your skin type your cosmetologist would suggest you the best suitable type.


Soon after the process, it is advised to stay away from sunlight and apply a good moisturizer containing a high SPF factor. Follow the aftercare instructions of your cosmetologist for maximum benefit.