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Bridal Peeling Treatment & Steps of Procedure

Every bride dreams of a flawless skin for her wedding day, but our busy lifestyles and pollution make it almost impossible. Many women try crazy skincare routines and diets that starve them, just to look great but these are not healthy ways to achieve that glowing skin. It will only damage your skin more, in the long-term. There are various professional treatments aimed for the specific purpose of bridal skin-lightening for her wedding day, amongst which the most famous and preferred treatment is the bridal peeling treatment. These bridal treatments for skin are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays.


What is bridal peeling?

Bridal peeling is a cosmetic technique that is performed for improving the skin’s appearance and texture. This pre-bridal treatment can be applied to the hands, neck and mainly the face of the bride. The outer layers of the skin that are damaged, are removed with the help of peeling, and the texture of the skin enhances. For brides who want to get rid of wrinkles, uneven skin tone, blemishes, scars and other such skin problems, a bridal peel before their wedding is a great option. One of the oldest cosmetic procedures, the bridal peel procedure provides immediate results and hence is the best pre-bridal treatment.

Bridal Peeling: Types, Benefits, & After CareWhat are the types of Bridal peel?

Bridal peels are skin care treatments that can help the bride’s skin glow on her wedding day. A bridal chemical peel is completely different from that of a daily working regular peel in its strength and concentration. These peels include whitening peels, chemical peels, and fruit peels.

Whitening peels

Whitening peels help in the removal of superficial scars, acne, blemishes and give the skin an even tone. The peels are also helpful for reducing the fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating the collagen production.

Fruit Peels

Fruit peels help remove the upper dead layers of skin and clear the clogged pores to improve the outward appearance of your skin.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels can be classified on the basis of the depth of the damage that the peel would do. There are mainly three types of chemical peels

–    Superficial peels, the mildest type of chemical peels

–    Medium peels, which affects the top layer of the dermis

–    Deep peels, which affects the deeper layers of the dermis

At Apollo Cosmetic Clinics, each bridal peel is customised as per the patient’s skin issues. For every skin irregularity such as acne, fine lines, spots and discolouration, a different kind of superficial chemical peel is advised by our expert dermatologists.


Which Bridal Peel is Right for You?

The answer to this question depends on multiple factors and would vary from patient to patient. Your dermatologist would look at your medical history and your skin type and irregularities would be examined, after which the most suitable chemical peel would be advised to you.

–    If you have mild discolouration of the skin, the most suitable chemical peel for you would be an alpha hydroxy acid peel. It can be used in combination with other bleaching agents.

–    If you have fine lines, then the best chemical peel for your face would be the trichloroacetic acid peel. Depending upon the skin’s condition, the treatment could be done over a span of a few months.

–    For removing freckles, the best chemical peeling for skin is a Glycolic acid peel or a TCA peel.

–    A mid-range TCA or Glycolic acid peel would be recommended for you, if your skin is sun-damaged, although it still depends on the level of damage and your skin tone as well.

–    If your skin cells are damaged, a deep chemical peel would be the best option for you.

–    Depending on the severity of your acne scar, you would be recommended the best of the three chemical peel types.


What preparation is required before a bridal peel?

Before going ahead with the procedure, you would be meeting our skincare specialist at Apollo Cosmetic Clinics. They’ll discuss with you everything about the peel and according to your skin tone and problems, they’ll advise the best treatment option for you. They’ll explain how that particular peel is performed. They’ll also ask you if you’re on any medication or if anything could interfere the peeling process. All your doubts and questions would be answered by the specialist.

For preparation before the peel, you should refrain from using any medication that has retinol or Retin-A, for at least 2 days before the peel. You should also stop using exfoliants or scrubs and hair removal products, a week before undergoing the treatment. The doctor will also prescribe you antiviral medication if you tend to get cold sores or fever blisters. Special lotions such as glycolic acid lotion would help with the treatment. To prevent your skin from darkening, you would be advised to use a retinoid cream. You should ask somebody to drive you back home if you’re undergoing a deep chemical peel as you would be sedated.


How to care about after bridal peel

After the treatment, your skin would appear as if it were sunburnt. It becomes red, which disappears within a week. If you’ve opted for a mild peel, the treatment may be repeated three to four times to achieve the desired results.

If you’ve undergone a medium or deep chemical peel, you may experience swelling as well as blisters which would peel off within 7 to 14 days. You may need to put bandages on the treated parts, for a few days, after the surgery. Since your newly formed skin is delicate, you are supposed to absolutely avoid the sun for at least a few months.

–    Brides and patients need to ensure that they keep their new skin moisturise and use a product as mild as possible. Do not rub too hard on your skin and use a light moisturiser, every day.

–    Do not exfoliate or use a scrub because it will end up harming your skin.

–    To avoid damage from the sun, you need to use a sunscreen mandatorily.

–    You may be tempted to peel off your skin as it keeps coming off, but you should not do that as it can cause scarring.

–    Your skin is very sensitive after a chemical peel, so avoid touching it again and again.


What are the benefits of a bridal peel?

A chemical peel causes the dead skin cells to shed and reveals new, fresh skin underneath. This gives the patient a bright, radiant look and an improved skin texture as well. Healthy skin growth and production of collagen are also stimulated with a chemical peel. If your skin is damaged due to the sun, discolouration can be reduced by a peel. Fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars – all these skin troubles can be dealt with, due to this procedure. Skin-care products also work more effectively since they reach deeper into the skin, due to the treatment.


How much does a bridal peel cost in India?

The cost of chemical peeling in India ranges between Rs. 3500 per session, although it depends on the type of chemical peel, your skin type and its irregularities, and the number of sessions you get done. Apollo Cosmetic Clinics offers chemical peeling in Chennai. The chemical peeling cost in Chennai is about Rs. 1500 to Rs. 3500.


What are the risks and side effects of a bridal peel?

A patient may experience some redness and mild irritation, after undergoing a light or a medium chemical peel, but these side-effects last only for a few days. Patients who have undergone a deep chemical peel may experience peeling or crusting of the skin. Other rare reactions to a chemical peel could be numbness, permanent scarring, chemical burns and permanent change in pigmentation for people with dark skin.

Deep chemical peels pose different risks. It can cause hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation, thus this procedure is not much recommended for people with darker skin tones. Anaesthesia-related complications may also arise during a deep chemical peel and patients with a family history of heart diseases may also be at risk.

Note- These peels are better done every month if the wedding is planned in advance, however, it is better to do the peel two weeks before the wedding, for maximum effect on the skin. The desired effect of bridal peels may not be visible immediately, it takes time for the skin to rejuvenate and glow.



  1.    Is a chemical peel painful?

During the procedure, you may feel a slight tingling sensation, but that’s it. You wouldn’t experience pain during the treatment and a pain reliever would be prescribed to you for taking, after the procedure.

  1.    Will the skin actually peel off?

When a chemical peel is performed, the layers of the skin that have been treated, eventually fade away and the new, healthy layer of skin is revealed from underneath. So the skin doesn’t literally peel off during a chemical peeling procedure.

  1.    Will the patient be sedated for the peeling treatment?

If the patient is undergoing a deep chemical peel, they would be sedated whereas, for the other two types of chemical peels, no sedative or anaesthesia is necessary.


Why Apollo Cosmetic Clinics?

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