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Blepharoplasty Treatment Benefits, Procedure & Recovery Steps

The eye is the key feature of one’s face and eyelid plays an important role in the eye’s health. It protects the underlying tissues, maintains a moist environment and distributes tears across the surface for the removal of dust. As the skin ages, it loses its elasticity as the collagen levels that support the elasticity of the skin begin to decrease. In such conditions, people opt for a treatment called as eyelid uplift.

What is eyelid uplift?

Eyelid surgery which is also called as blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgical method. Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is used to remove excess skin around the eyes and to reduce bags above or below the eyes. This surgery will make your eyes look younger and fresher. Many people with complaints of heavy, drooping eyelids (particularly late in the day) also find that their peripheral vision is impaired due to the eyelids hanging over the eye. Blepharoplasty may improve this.

Aging may cause loss of elasticity of the skin, and therefore excess skin gets collected on the upper and lower eyelids. Excess skin present on the upper eyelid cause an extra fold of skin to hang on the eyelashes and excess skin present on the lower eyelid develops the formation of wrinkles and bulges. This can be corrected by blepharoplasty.

Benefits Of Eyelid Surgery

  • Reduced bagginess from the lower eyelids
  • Reduced number of fine lines after eyelid lift
  • Fresh and new appearance
  • Improved vision


The surgeon will want to review your medical history to know your medical status. The doctor will examine your eyelid and make a note of all the specifications. The surgeon may conduct a physical examination that includes testing the tear gland and measuring the parts of the eyelid. An eye test may also be performed to test the vision and the eyelid will be photographed to plan for the surgery.

Before the eyelid lift surgery, you may have to follow instructions like avoiding the intake of aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs and other medicines that would increase bleeding. You will have to stop smoking as the use of tobacco interferes in the process of healing. Try to arrange for help on the day of the surgery and also during your recovery.


You will be given local anesthesia in the area of the surgery. The surgeon will follow the fine lines of your eyelid to make an incision. He will then separate the skin from the underlying tissues. The cuts are closed with the help of small stitches. There are many techniques used to perform the eyelid uplift surgery.


Swelling and bruising around the eyes is expected postoperatively. Most of the swelling and bruising will resolve within 2 weeks of the surgery but some residual swelling may take weeks to resolve.Ice compresses to the eyes may help reduce swelling, You may need eye lubrication drops. Antibiotic ointment will be prescribed for you whilst you are in the hospital. You will need to consider taking 7-10 days off work to allow the swelling and bruising to settle. REST is essential to a good recovery. Follow the doctor’s instructions and stay healthy.