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All About Mustache Transplantation Procedure (FUE Technique)


Men are pretty much hard-wired to the idea of sporting a good, thick moustache. Most men also associate the idea of masculinity with their beard and moustache. While some men have a good crop of facial hair, some do not. There can be many reasons behind this, ranging from genetic & hereditary factors to surgical injuries to after effects of laser hair removal. If you are looking for a moustache treatment, moustache transplant procedure (FUE Technique) might be a good option for you. If you have less hair in the moustache line, you might want to go for it. The technique used for this procedure is called FUE or follicular unit extraction technique.



  • Men who want a natural looking, thick moustache
  • Men with a patchy moustache
  • Men with a sparsely spread moustache
  • Men who have lost facial hair due to accidents
  • Men who have lost hair due to allergies or reactions
  • Men who have lost hair due to facelift procedures

The number of moustache implants performed is less, as compared to hair transplants. The reason behind this is the lack of awareness in people that such a procedure exists. The process of moustache transplant or moustache surgery is trickier in comparison to other surgeries. It involves a lot of technical labour since the angle of moustache changes at different places of the face. It requires a lot of specific planning by the doctor and is completely customised according to the pattern of hair growth and requirement of the individual. With the aid moustache implant, men with a sparse and spotty moustache can get a good, thick crop of it. Moustache implant works by restoring hair on the moustache line. At Apollo Cosmetic Clinics,  the best team of surgeons is put at your disposal to achieve satisfactory and desired results.



Leading doctors at Apollo Cosmetic Clinics prefer the technique of FUE for moustache transplantation. FUE stands for follicular unit extraction The procedure is performed under great supervision and yields satisfactory results. FUE is also used for hair transplant mustache. This technique is extremely useful when the area of surgery is small. It is safe and effective for the skin on your face, as it is sensitive. In this method, grafts are extracted from one location and implanted in the target location. Thereby, it is extremely essential that the texture of the hair at both the locations is nearly the same so that it appears to be natural and not artificial. At Apollo Cosmetic Clinic, we offer FUE, which is effective, time-saving, and is performed under the expertise of meticulous doctors and their team.



Firstly, the surgeon administers a local anesthesia to make the procedure painless. Then he/she would extract the hair roots from the donor site, most commonly from the back of the head. The extracted hair roots are then transplanted to the mustache area with the help of 7mm punches. You may have little swelling at the transplanted site for about 2 to 3 days. The transplanted hair falls off leaving the roots inside which initiates the hair growth naturally after a month.



Meet Your Doctor

This is the most useful crumb of counsel you can come across. Book one or several appointments with your doctor, before you decide to undergo the transplant procedure. They will explain to you everything about the procedure and clear all your doubts regarding it. They will also conduct a physical examination and take a look at your complete medical history.

Avoid alcohol

Avoid the consumption of alcohol days before the surgery.  If a large amount of toxin is already present in your body, the anaesthesia might cease to work. You might require a higher dosage of anaesthesia which is usually not recommended. Or worse, its effect might lessen, during the surgery itself. Moreover, the intake of alcohol might be instrumental in making your blood thin.


Start with the facial exercises as advised by your doctor.

Grow Your Hair

Avoid trimming your hair, especially on the back of your scalp. Usually, the back of the scalp is an ideal donor site since the texture of the hair there, matches the hair on your face, especially that of your moustache. So, let your hair grow.

Avoid Smoking

Nicotine has adverse effects on your skin. Apart from that, smoking can also slow down the process of healing. So, for best results, try to avoid smoking, at least a week prior to the procedure.

Take Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps in faster recovery and healing of wounds. Try to consume a lot of Vitamin C before the surgery. Fruits like guava, orange, black currants, papaya, kiwi, strawberry, etc are rich in Vitamin C. You can also go for Vitamin C supplements or capsules after having a talk with your doctor.

Avoid Blood Thinners

This might be one of the most vital steps if your medications include aspirin or any other blood thinners. Certain vitamins and homoeopathic medicines are known to be thinning agents. Talk to your doctor and stop the consumption of these medicines temporarily. You might take alternatives after a proper consultation with your doctor.

Medical Tests

Though it is a minor surgery, you might be asked to go through a couple of tests. It is pretty normal and a prerequisite for any surgery. Discuss your medicines with the doctor. Based on their composition or probable side effects, the doctor might ask you to discontinue them for a while.

Know Your Allergies

Know what you are allergic to and try to avoid those substances as much as you can. Similarly, keep yourself safe from any kind of infections. If developed, infections can cause a lot of complications. If you develop an infection or allergy, consult your doctor immediately and postpone the date of the surgery, if necessary.



Position Your Head

After the surgery, keep your head in an elevated position. Keeping your head in an elevated position will reduce the swelling. There will be some swelling on the operated area after the surgery. It is pretty normal since it is the body’s natural defence to an external stimulus. This swelling will subside in a couple of days.

Avoid Strenuous Activities

Avoid strenuous activities for at least a couple of days or a week. An excess of physical activity might cause damage to the hair grafts, making the whole procedure futile. You can resume daily activities a week after the procedure but before that, you must take complete rest.

Avoid The Sun

Avoid going out in sunlight for at least two weeks after the surgery. Exposure to the sun can weaken the hair follicles, which in turn could cause a complete failure of the procedure.

Avoid Shaving and Water

Do not use your razor to shave your facial hair, for at least a week. Similarly, avoid the contact of water. Do not wet the transplanted area for at least a week after the surgery. These are some of the things you have to be careful about.



Seven to eight days following the procedure, you will get your natural look. Sometimes, it might take fourteen to fifteen days to get the normal look back. Be patient as this is a gradual process. It will take some months for the procedure to show its results. You will be able to see a noticeable difference in six months. In twelve to eighteen months, you can experience a lush crop of a natural looking moustache. Maintaining a good diet is extremely important for a faster recovery. Add a lot of proteins, vitamins, and minerals to your daily diet. Avoid the intake of caffeinated beverages. Also, do not forget to drink lots of water to keep your body hydrated.



Whether you should undergo a moustache hair transplant procedure or not, is completely a personal choice. But if you have your mind set, on getting it done, it can prove to be a really beneficial thing. Here are some of the benefits of a moustache transplant procedure –

Minimally Invasive Procedure

The procedure of moustache transplant is one of the least invasive procedures. No major cuts and stitches are involved in this surgery.

No Stitches and Scars

Since the transplant is carried out with the help of needle punches, there are no scars or stitches. Surgery scars can be difficult to get rid of but in the case of moustache implants, there are none. Thus, you do not have to worry about ugly looking scars on your face.

Minimal Post-Operative Pain

Usually, all patients are likely to experience some pain after any surgery or operation. But in the case of a moustache transplant, the pain is very minimal. A local anaesthesia is administered before the procedure which numbs all the sensations in the area to be operated. After the effect of anaesthesia fades out, the patient might experience a little pain or a tingling sensation in the operated area, but it goes away pretty soon.

Short Recovery Time

The surgery is generally out-patient and takes two to three hours. However, depending on the requirement the surgery can be performed in-patient, too. In either of the cases, the recovery time is very short.

Naturally Thick Moustache

The biggest benefit will be getting rid of a patchy or spotty beard. In the matter of a few months and with proper care, you will be sporting a naturally lush and thick moustache. At Apollo Cosmetic Clinics, we make sure that you get the desired result in one go so that there will be no requirement of performing more than one surgery.



It is completely a personal choice whether or not you want to go for the surgery. The benefits of moustache implant are many and the risks are very low. The cost of mustache treatment varies from person to person. When it comes to hair, the texture of every individual’s hair is different. The price of the procedure may vary from person to person. It is necessary to talk to your doctor before going ahead with the procedure. Ideally, laser hair removal for mustache cost at Apollo Cosmetic Clinic costs around X rupees.



How painful is the mustache transplant procedure?

The process involves very little to no discomfort as the surgeon will be performing the procedure under anesthesia.

How long does the procedure take?

The procedure can take 2-4 hours to complete depending on the amount of coverage required.

How much time does it take to get full results

After 6 months, you will experience the final results and by 12 to 18 months you can expect an intensive natural looking mustache.


Why Apollo Cosmetic Clinics?

Dedication, experience and innovation have been hallmarks of Apollo. Our surgeons at Apollo Cosmetic Clinics are dedicated to providing the highest level of care to our patients. They interact personally with patients so that they can understand what each procedure can provide, to achieve their desired results.