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Laser Hair Removal Treatment, Procedure & Recovery Process

The laser hair removal treatment is performed by using laser light energy, which penetrates into the hair shaft. The intense heat of the laser damages and kills the root of the hair. It inhibits the future hair growth. Laser hair removal slows the growth of the hair but does not give a permanent hair removal guarantee.

Laser Hair Removal treatment is performed:

  • To achieve bald head
  • To reduce hair loss
  • To remove hair for a long period of time

 Describing the hair removal Treatment & Procedure. Precautions need to be taken for Hair removal treatment.


The surgeon will want to review your medical history to know your medical status. The doctor will examine your scalp and make a note of the hair follicles and other specifications. The surgeon may also take a picture of the scalp before and after the surgery to make a medical record for assessments and long-term results. Stay out of the sun as it may increase the side effects such as sun lightening, tan etc. Avoid waxing and plucking as it may disturb the hair follicle and interfere in the process of laser hair removal.


You will be asked to lie down and the doctor will activate the laser. The laser beam penetrates through the skin and disturbs the hair growth origin. The root of the hair is killed due to the penetration of the laser light energy. You may experience slight discomfort. The session may take 30 minutes to complete.


You may notice redness and be swelling a few hours after the laser treatment. The doctor may prescribe a few painkillers or may also suggest aloe gel or other types of lotion or cream reduce the swelling, pain or discomfort you experience. In case you develop a skin rash or a skin reaction the doctor may apply a steroid cream to the affected area and soothe that particular region.

You will have to visit the doctor a number of times as the treatment consists of 6 to 8 sessions. Avoid getting exposed to the sun after the laser treatment. Use sunscreen lotions once the affected area is healed. Follow the instructions of the doctor and stay protected.

Know about detailed recovery steps after laser hair removal treatment.