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  • 5 tips to maintain Liposuction results

    Often, there is that little pocket of flesh or excess loose fat that does not respond to regular exercise or diet and refuses to give up its place. It is demotivating for someone who hopes to get positive results by changing his or her lifestyle but is instead suffers from this stubborn problem. In such cases, one may resort to liposuction – a procedure that suctions out excess fat and changes the body’s contour.


    The different techniques of liposuction are:

    • Tumescent liposuction: A solution is injected into the target area and the combination of medicines in it minimize blood loss by shrinking the capillaries and also numb the area. Then the fat is suctioned out through a tube connected to a vacuum.


    • Laser-assisted lipoplasty: Laser energy removes the fat cells out. It makes the healing process easier.


    • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction: Ultrasound energy breaks the fatty tissues and loosens them which makes surgery faster and easier.


    • Power-assisted liposuction: A tool is used to cut through the fat, which makes it easier to remove.

    Liposuction procedure is only for those who have fatty bulges in localised areas and good skin elasticity. The patient should be at a near-normal weight, and physically and mentally healthy.

    The aftermath

    Like any surgical procedure, liposuction comes with some complications such as injury to the skin or inner tissues, changes in the skin tone, risk of infection and clot formation and toxicity. This is why it is important to consult with Experts in the field and educate yourself about the procedure beforehand. In addition to taking precautions to keep these complications at bay, it is also necessary to stay in good general health so that the entire process doesn’t go in vain. Here are five tips to follow if you want to maintain the results of liposuction for a considerable period of time – even for a lifetime.

    Tips to follow

    • Maintain a stable weight through regular exercise even after the fat removal. If you gain weight after the procedure, the body stores the fat in other places, changing the shape of the body.
    • Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Water balances your body fluids and controls calories, keeping weight in check.
    • Follow a healthy diet and avoid fats and sugars. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less salt. Add starchy carbohydrates and lean proteins to the diet.  Never skip meals, because it increases fat storing enzymes and decreases metabolism.
    • Reduce stress, which can be a major factor in weight gain. Stress can lead to food cravings and binge eating, which leads to higher levels of insulin and increases fat storage. Stay positive and calm and avoid stressful situations.
    • Follow the cosmetic surgeon’s advice. After the procedure, it is compulsory to wear a compression garment that reduces swelling and helps the body adjust to its new shape. Also, do not strain your body after the procedure and give it enough time to heal.


    The key is to keep up the enthusiasm even after your body seems to be in perfect shape, following liposuction. For permanent results, continue having an active, healthy lifestyle as you did before the procedure. Health is not a one-time investment and consistent commitment can go a long way in maintaining the results of liposuction.

    For the safest liposuction procedures and for proper after-procedure care and guidance, book an appointment with the Experts at Apollo Cosmetic Clinic here.

  • Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Surgeries

    Just as much as people want to take advantage of cosmetic surgeries in order to look younger and attractive, they equally reluctant to go under the knife to achieve that result. We all want the easy way out, don’t we? So, more and more of us want to get that youthful, wrinkle-free, fresh look without having to undergo a surgical procedure and also at minimal expenditure.

    Keeping up with this demand, the last few years have seen several minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedures shooting up and becoming popular. The goal is one-fold – dealing with the main aspects of facial ageing, like sun damage, volume loss and dynamic lines, which are anatomically related to skin, muscle and subcutaneous fat.

    Every person who wants a cosmetic treatment is not necessarily required to go in for a surgical procedure. An isolated minimally invasive procedure will do the trick, too. Of course, the right person to advise you on this will be your cosmetic surgeon and it will serve you best to discuss with him the procedure you wish to undergo.

    Here we shall discuss a few of the minimally invasive cosmetic surgeries that are popular.

    Botulinum Toxin Type A

    Commonly known as Botox, in this type of treatment injections are given to prevent the development of wrinkles. Medicine is injected into the facial muscles to paralyse them and smooth wrinkles, crow’s feet and frown lines between the eyebrows.

    The patient will start to see smooth skin in usually 3-5 days but sometimes, it could take around two weeks to view the full results. The effect can last up to four months but as treatment becomes more regular, the result lasts longer.

    Soft Tissue Fillers

    These are injections filled with tissues that are inserted under the skin to smoothen out wrinkles and giving a fuller appearance to the area. Soft tissue fillers are also referred to as injectable implants and involve injecting a form of hyaluronic acid or a collagen-stimulating chemical under the skin. This gives a plumped-up effect to the cheek or the lips and smoothens out the nasolabial folds. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are absorbed by the body over a period of time hence the smooth and fresh effect will last till as long. Radiesse, Juvederm Voluma XC and Sculptra will have a longer lasting effect.

    Chemical Peel

    Use of chemical peels is said to do wonders to the skin’s appearance making it smoother and tighter. These can be used on the face, neck or hands to help get rid of age spots, freckles, wrinkles, lines under the eyes and mouth, fade scars and make you look younger and fresher. It is an outpatient treatment in which one or more chemical is applied to specific areas of the skin. The chemicals include trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid or phenol.

    Laser Hair Removal

    Laser hair removal is a minimally invasive procedure which helps rid of unwanted hair from areas like the leg, arm, face, chest, neck, shoulders, underarm, and bikini lines. The use of laser makes the procedure precise without damaging the surrounding skin. The process is fast too with areas like the upper lip taking less than a minute while legs may take around 60 minutes. Usually, patients require 2 to 6 sittings.


    Microdermabrasion is an exfoliation procedure that gets rid of dead and tired skin cells from the surface by propelling microcrystals across the skin. The dead skin peels off exposing the new living cells beneath. The patient goes home feeling rejuvenated and with a healthy glowing skin.

    It is evident that minimally invasive procedures go a long way in enhancing your appearance and lifestyle with minimal risk. It is ideal to consult a cosmetic surgeon to understand these procedures in detail before undergoing one.