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    We all know about the nutritional benefits of eating fruit daily. But do you know about the wonders these fruits can do for your skin when they are used as a face mask? You may have heard about the wonders of a turmeric face pack or a honey face pack but it’s time you tried out a homemade face pack bursting with the natural goodness of fruits!

    Read on to know more about face packs for glowing skin and how to get beautiful:

    Papaya and Honey Face Pack
    Papaya can do magic not just for your weight loss efforts but also your facial skin. Using papaya and honey as a face pack will definitely get you a glowing face as papaya is rich in Vitamin A and the papain enzyme which will exfoliate your skin effectively, and will also prevent signs of aging and acne and any scare you might have. Honey will hydrate your skin, thereby acting as a natural moisturizer.

    Tomato Face Pack
    While the status of tomatoes as fruits is still being disputed, go ahead and use this pulpy source of nutrition as an ingredient in a face mask, as it contains Vitamins A and C, lycopene and antioxidants, all of which aid your skin’s oxygenation process, thereby reducing the damage caused by harmful UV rays and slowing down the ageing process. Add oatmeal and yogurt to the tomato puree to get a fruit pack for oily skin. If you’re looking for a fruit pack for dry skin, simply replace the yogurt with milk.

    – Cucumber Face Pack
    Cucumbers have the ability to cool not just your stomach but your skin as well. A homemade face pack made of pureed cucumber, honey, milk and brown sugar will reduce any inflammation or water retention, and is also a good healing agent for tanned or even burnt skin. The milk in this fruit pack will improve the elasticity and texture of your facial skin. This combination makes for a good fruit pack for oily skin as well as a recommended fruit pack for dry skin.

    – Banana Face Pack
    Mash together with a few bananas and add some honey and lemon juice and you’ve got yourself a fruit pack for oily skin! Banana, with its high levels of Vitamins A, B6 and C as well as antioxidants will detoxify your skin, making it healthy and moisturized, yet keep it oil-free. The lemon juice in this pack will reduce your scars and blemishes, and fight acne, while the honey will prevent the occurrence of acne in the future.

    – Orange Peel Face Pack
    Now you can enjoy the taste of those pulpy oranges and save the rinds to make a homemade face pack. Add yogurt and honey to powdered orange rinds to make a fruit pack for oily skin. The orange rinds will clean out your pores, leaving your skin refreshed, while the honey and yogurt in the fruit pack will hydrate your skin, and reduce the impact of tanning respectively, leaving your skin soft and smooth.

    While these face packs for glowing skin are good to maintain the health and appearance of your facial skin, in case you are facing skin troubles such as acne, warts, scars, stretch marks, etc., it’s important to visit an established clinic such as Apollo Cosmetic Clinics and get your skin tested and checked by top dermatologists in order to ensure that your skin condition doesn’t get worse and that existing damage is taken care of. Also, if you have a special occasion coming up, you can always opt for a peel that will remove the dead skin from your face and literally give it new life!

  • What does cosmetology mean for men?

    Gone are the days when looking good was a woman’s job. Today, everyone, including men, is interested in taking care of their appearance and putting their best foot, or in this case best face, forward.

    Proof of this is the rise of the ‘metrosexual’ man – someone who puts in effort with his appearance right from his grooming to his accessories. And this trend has forever changed the benchmark for the way a man should look – An unkempt look is fashionable no more! In fact, today, if you are unfit or sloppy in your appearance, you are judged negatively. And don’t we all know the importance of a good first impression!

    Over the past decade or so, salons and cosmetic clinics have gone from being women-centric to offering a wide range of services for men as well. And rightly so – There’s only that much you can do by yourself, and after that it’s important to trust the experts. And especially with the constant advancement of technology, this has become a safe and trusted area.

    Let’s take a look at some options to make you look, and in turn feel, better:

    Liposuction and Tummy Tuck
    If you’re overweight and wondering how to lose weight, or if you’re stuck with a beer belly and confused about how to lose belly fat, fret not. When gyms and diets can’t do anything more, you tend to get frustrated and give up, leading to negative impacts on your social, personal and professional lives. But liposuction and tummy tuck are here to save the day. While both procedures work on removing fat from your body and enhancing your appearance, there is a difference between them – In a tummy tuck, the redundant skin is removed and the underlying muscles are tightened, while a liposuction procedure only removes fat from an area of your body, leaving your body to work on the natural skin tightening process.

    Gynecomastia Surgery
    Man boobs, or moobs as they are more commonly called, are unusual deposits of fat, giving an appearance of breasts in men. If you’re tired of being teased about your moobs or having to wear loose shapeless clothing in order to hide them, then you should definitely consider gynecomastia surgery, which surgically corrects over-developed or enlarged breasts in men.

    Hair Transplant
    Suffering from alopecia or other forms of baldness, and looking for hairfall treatment or baldness cure? You should opt for hair transplant where hair from other parts of your body will be transplanted to your scalp, or beard or moustache areas. With the reasonable cost of hair transplantation, you need not worry anymore about how to stop hairfall.

    So why look in the mirror and worry about that bulging stomach or the bald patch right above your forehead or those scars that refuse to go away? All you need to do is visit a reputed clinic such as Apollo Cosmetic Clinic to make a positive change in your life. Choose an expert that ensures you not just a wide range of services but also quality aspects such as topnotch infrastructure, highly experienced medical personnel and most importantly, zero infection rates to ensure that you don’t suffer any complications. Apollo Cosmetic Clinic satisfies all these quality requirements while providing you with various essential services such as beard and moustache transplant, face sculpting and scar removal, along with liposuction, tummy tuck and gynecomastia procedures.