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  • What to expect during the initial plastic surgeon consultation

    When you are contemplating undergoing cosmetic surgery for the first time, you will naturally feel some anxiety about the procedure. You will be wondering how you will look after the operation. Granted, you have seen some great results, but any time you undergo any form of surgery, it is only natural to feel apprehensive. This is the reason why the aesthetic surgeon takes you through an in-depth consultative session, where you can freely voice your concerns, ask questions and get the proper answers. Here is what you should expect from your initial plastic surgery consultation.

    Plastic surgery before and after photos

    A professional plastic surgeon will have a portfolio of the procedures he or she has conducted on other patients in the past. If you want to go for silicone implants, you need to see pictures of past patients, before and after their surgery. These pictures will put your mind at ease, knowing that you will be handled by someone with experience. If possible, the surgeon can allow you to visit some of the patients who may still be in the hospital recuperating or those who have gone home. You will be able to get a first-hand impression of the quality of the surgeon.

    Plastic surgery costs

    The cost of undergoing an aesthetic surgery can be quite high and the surgeon should let you know how much it will cost you. You may need to rearrange your finances to cater for the cosmetic surgery cost. Some surgeons will allow you to pay for the process in bits; you can pay as you go for your follow-up session with the surgeon or pay in advance as you prepare yourself for the procedure. Once you know the plastic surgery costs, of a process such as getting silicone implants, you may enlist the help of friends and family, if you cannot meet the cost on your own.

    Invasive vs. non-invasive cosmetic surgery

    When you undergo invasive plastic surgery, the cosmetic surgery costs will be higher. You will have to pay for a longer stay at the hospital and perhaps undergo a longer follow-up treatment phase. Basically, non-invasive methods are less costly and you should explore the options that you have. In some cases, the invasive option is the only one available to a patient.

    Good communication

    From your initial communication with the surgeon, you will know whether he is good at his work; a good surgeon should be able to put you at ease. He should be able to talk to you in an open manner, and quell any anxiety that you may have; showing you plastic surgery before and after photos, while explaining how he did the procedure will be of great help. You should be able to freely talk about your reasons for considering having silicone implants, without feeling bashful. This kind of professionalism is very good for the patient and fosters quick recovery.

    Who will you talk to?

    In some cases, you find that the surgeon is not available to discuss the process with you, and you may have to deal with a sales representative. Availability is always a good sign of a plastic surgeon, who has all the time for his patients. Make sure that you speak to the actual surgeon doing the operation.

    When you go for your initial consultation, your mind is awash with all sorts of questions. You need all these answered in a professional manner. You need to know answers to two main concerns; the cosmetic surgery costs, and how you will look after the procedure. Visit your cosmetic surgeon now and get these questions answered in your initial consultation.

  • Steps taken for a cosmetic surgery

    When looking at undertaking cosmetic surgery for the first time, you need to know the steps that you will go through from the start to the end.

    Make sure that this is what you really want

    The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is not an easy one. It is one that is fraught with uncertainty on the part of the patient. If it is your first time to undergo such a procedure, you need to be absolutely certain that it is what you want. Think about the reason why you are going through it. If it is because of medical reasons, then you have no other choice, but if it is for purely aesthetic reasons, then you need to do a little soul-searching. Talk to your physician, family and close friends about your decision. Consider their advice, mix it with your own thoughts and then come to a conclusion

    Go for your consultation

    Before you go for your consultation, you will have to be prepared with a set of questions to ask the cosmetic surgeon. Be forthright about your reasons, financial situation, and other issues that concern the procedure. The cosmetic surgeon will show you plastic surgery before and after pictures of past patients to see how well their surgery turned out. When it comes to the fees, discuss alternative payment methods, if you cannot afford to pay a lump sum amount. The surgeon will also draw marks on the site to show you what will be done, so you know exactly what you will go through.

    Go for the actual procedure

    The day will finally arrive when you have to go for your cosmetic surgery. Make sure that you have taken time off from work, so you will be able to recover well before you venture back to the office. Take all the items that the doctor will ask you to, in case you have to stay in the hospital for long, as may be the case if you are undergoing many procedures at the same time. The surgeon will prepare you for the procedure, depending on whether it is invasive or non-invasive. Then you are ready to have your operation.

    The recovery period

    After the operation, you may be sore for a few weeks, and you should be prepared for this. The surgeon will give you medication to cater for the pain, and also ward off infections. Make sure that you adhere to your prescription so you recover fast. Let your friends and family take care of you; do not rush out of your recovery, until the doctor says that it is OK to resume your normal life. If there are nutrition treatments, like those given to people who have undergone a slimming procedure, make sure that you follow it diligently, lest you end up gaining weight once again, and the whole procedure will have been for nought.

    Embrace your new looks and life

    After undergoing a successful cosmetic surgery procedure, you should prepare yourself for your new life, in your new look. Take photos, so you can better deal with the plastic surgery before and after scenario. People will definitely comment on your new looks and you should be ready for this; absorb the adoration and ward off the jealous remarks of others.

    Cosmetic surgery is a life-changing procedure. Basically, you will feel better and look smarter. You will be filled with a new sense of excitement and expectation for your new life. When you want to look better, visit your cosmetic surgeon and go through these steps in your initial consultation. This is a procedure that you will absolutely be grateful for when you see how you look in the end. Fix an appointment with your cosmetic surgeon today.