Does Dermaroller Work? These Facts Will Surprise You!

Does Dermaroller Work? These Facts Will Surprise You!

What is a dermaroller? Wondering how to use a dermaroller? Learn about a dermaroller, how effective the treatments is, what kind of effects it leaves on the skin and the procedure to use it.

According to our cosmetologists, a dermaroller is a skincare device that helps in the regeneration of skin cells. It repairs scars and stretch marks, treats fine lines, wrinkles, and many more skin problems. It is easy to perform, takes much less time compared to other cosmetic treatments, and gives lasting results.

How does a Dermaroller work?

A dermaroller is unique in its appearance- it has two parts to it- a round roller with nearly 1000+ tiny needles and secondly, a long handle that holds the roller and helps in easily targeting the roller on your skin. The roller’s needles are the main source for repairing your skin.

When the roller is rolled across the skin surface, tiny skin pricks are formed on the skin layer, which stimulates important ingredients like collagen and elastin. Both these ingredients help in skin repair and cell regeneration. As these pricks increase the natural process of skin repair, the new skin is formed, and thus minimizing scars, stretch marks, acne scars, etc. The process also plumps your skin and works on activating skin cells that are otherwise dormant due to aging skin. This helps in reducing facial sagging, fine lines and wrinkles. It is like a massage on your face but with added benefits!

Dermaroller is a non-surgical method of achieving young and healthy-looking skin.

Fine lines and wrinkles are caused due to the low collagen and elastin contents in the skin, which is addressed by a dermaroller. Our cosmetic surgeons recommend this treatment as a highly effective solution for skin problems related to aging.

How to choose the best dermaroller?

The effects of the treatment vary depending on the skin type, sensitivity, skin condition, and also largely, on the needles. The number of needles present and the length of the needles impact the affectivity of the treatment. For some patients, longer needles are used to produce deeper pinpricks enabling more production of collagen. It is always advised to proceed with any treatment only after an expert consultation. There are umpteen varieties of dermarollers available in the market these days, but it is always better to consult a cosmetologist before trying them.

Apart from the skin condition, reactions to the treatment, and skin type- you must consider three main aspects while selecting a dermaroller:

  • Needle length- this impacts how deep the pinpricks are caused on your skin. The longer the needles, the deeper the pinpricks, resulting in more production of collagen and repair of deeper skin layers.
  • Number of needles- this impacts how many pinpricks are caused on your skin. The more the needles, the more the collagen production (use after dermatologist consultation).
  • Length and size of the handle- this determines the ease of operation. If the handle is long, sturdy, and has a comfortable grip, you can easily massage your face without harming your skin.

7 Facts about Dermarollers

Here are some interesting facts and benefits of a dermaroller that will surely surprise you.

  1. Premature Aging

Many signs of premature aging like wrinkles, fine lines, and facial sagging can be reduced with dermarollers. The process of derma rolling slows anti-aging effects by plumping the skin and giving a youthful look.

  1. Sun Damage

Dermarollers rejuvenate and repair sun damaged skin by stimulating collagen deposits of the skin. Collagen is the skin’s internal healer and does wonders to sun damaged skin.

  1. Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a skin problem with irregular skin tones on the face- a part of the skin becomes darker. Dermaroller helps in repairing this skin and produces a rejuvenated, even skin tone.

  1. Stretch marks

Derma rolling repairs stretch marks by repairing the damaged skin cells through collagen production. Even the skin elastin is regained. However, it takes at least 3-12 treatments for achieving visible results.

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  1. Reducing Pore Size

Large pores not only reduce the appearance of flawless skin, they also secrete excessive oil causing acne, blackheads etc. Although dermarollers do not impact this directly, they reduce the appearance of large pores by repairing the skin.

  1. Low Cost

A dermaroller costs much less compared to other cosmetic treatments like chemical peels, laser surgery etc. Although it takes certain time to show effective results, dermarolling improves skin in the long run.

  1. Minimal Infections

Your skin may take some time to get accustomed to derma rolling. The initial few sittings may result in a little bleeding. If there is excessive bleeding, blood clot, skin rashes or itching, one should immediately warn or discontinue the treatment. Sufficient gap between sessions should be ensured to give skin enough time to heal. In order to avoid all this, one has to seek expert help and guidance prior to the treatment.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Dermarollers


  • Easy to use
  • Takes less time
  • Not painful
  • Quicker results


  • Has a chance of spreading or increasing acne
  • Can cause skin irritation
  • Can cause infection

Lastly, it is important to find the right dermatologist and skin specialist for your treatment. It is important for the doctor to analyze your skin, understand its condition, look into where the skin texture can be improved, where the treatments need to be stressed on the skin, and what parts can be repaired. You may also have to discuss your skin care habits, routine, medications being used, skin conditions if any, etc; with the doctor. This is to avoid any complications.

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