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Breast Reduction Surgery: A Cure for Back Pain?

Just as breast enhancement and breast implants are popular cosmetic surgeries with women these days, breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammaplasty, is quite prevalent because of the high rate of patient satisfaction and for the relief, it brings from pain and overall discomfort. More and more women are asking for breast surgery since non-surgical options do not appear to work in most cases. It is considered one of the most successful of cosmetic surgeries and sometimes may involve liposuction for the removal of fatty tissues.

While some women look for breast reduction there are others who want breast enhancement surgeries and breast implants done. Most breast enhancement procedures are done for purely cosmetic reasons but many-a-time, breast implants are required for reconstructive purposes, especially after a mastectomy.


Heavy breasts, medically referred to as macromastia, come with several related health problems and can cause a lot of anxiety in women apart from making them socially shy or inhibited. The weight of the breasts alone can lead to severe back pain because the heaviness puts excess weight on the chest. Poor posture and even spinal deformity are as a result of this. Heaviness can lead to discomfort and disturbances in the person’s body resulting in severe neck, back and shoulder pain, poor posture, shortness of breath, sleep disturbances. In fact, women with macromastia ask for breast surgery mostly for health reasons than cosmetic.

And as time passes, the breasts become longer and heavier worsening the physical problems.

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most troublesome side-effects of heavy breasts. Doctors say that large breasts are a common cause of neck and back pain and they are likely to advise breast reduction surgery to be rid of this problem because generally, medications do not give long-term relief. Plastic surgeons claim that in most cases, breast reduction patients find relief from shoulder, neck and upper back pain. Although it is not clear whether lower back pain is also a result of macromastia, there are a few women who did find relief from lower back pain following breast reduction surgery.

A good way of finding out whether you should go for this surgery to rid yourself of your back pain is to take off your bra and support your bare breasts with your arms instead of leaving it loose. Walk around with breasts cradled in your arms. If you find respite from your back pain it roughly indicates that breast reduction surgery may work for you.

Studies have discovered that reduction mammaplasty has produced an improvement in back pain in most patients. A research by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons on breast reduction surgery found that before the operation, half of 179 women with breasts size DD or larger had continuous pain in the upper and lower back, neck and shoulder but after the procedure only 10 of these women still reported pain.

Other Benefits

Other health benefits of breast reduction surgery are:

  • Improved physical functioning
  • Relief from shoulder and neck pain
  • Relief from shoulder grooving due to bra straps
  • Relief from headaches
  • Improvement in lung function
  • Sound sleep
  • Clearer mammography results

The Surgery

The procedure involves removal of some tissues and skin from the breasts and giving it shape. If the surgeon discovers during surgery that most of the breast is fatty tissue then he will carry out liposuction.


You may be suffering since long from backache without a clue of the cause. To stand tall and sleep better, consult a cosmetic surgeon who will help ward off all your inhibitions and provide the right path to a fitter lifestyle.