How Losing Weight Can Be Helped with A Body Contouring Surgery
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How losing weight can be helped with a body contouring surgery

When you drastically lose weight, certain parts of your body may begin to sag due to the extra skin tissue. When you lose weight, the skin which was taught may begin to sag; organs like the breast are most susceptible to sagging after such a weight loss. You may also find the skin around the tummy becoming too loose. Contouring surgery can be used to firm up the body following such a huge drop in weight.

Tummy tuck

When an obese person loses a lot of weight, the skin around the tummy begins to droop. The skin looks unsightly and gets a lot of stretch marks. In order to rectify this physical situation, a tummy tuck is advised, where the skin is pulled tight over the muscles beneath. After such a cosmetic surgery procedure, the stretch marks will be gone, and you can wear your favourite bikini at the beach without draping a T-shirt over it.

Breast enhancement

It is normal for women to gain a lot of weight when they are pregnant and then lose it drastically after giving birth. After breastfeeding the baby, and then losing weight, the breasts may droop way low; sometimes they sag to the point of touching the belly button. In such cases, breast enhancement is advised, where the extra skin is cut off, the skin pulled tight over the remaining breast tissue, and sometimes a breast implant can be added to give the breasts a firmer look.

What are the ideal conditions for a successful body contouring surgery after a dramatic loss in weight?

When you lose weight and want to get rid of the sagging or overhanging skin, there are certain conditions that one should be aware of before going for the surgery

  • Stability in weight

You should let your body weight stabilize for at least 6 months without any further drop in weight. If you do not wait, and go for the surgery whilst still losing weight, the skin will still sag when you lose more weight after the surgery.

  • Avoid smoking

People are advised to stop smoking before going for any major surgery because it affects the healing process. You should stop smoking for at least 6 weeks before you go for a major body contouring surgery. The surgery is considered to be major, especially if you are having multiple cosmetic surgery procedures done at the same time.

  • Have realistic expectations

Although you are desperate and want the results to be as dramatic as the loss of weight, you should have realistic expectations. Talking to your cosmetic surgeon will help; you can also go for psychological counselling so you can deal with the results well if they do not meet your earlier expectations.

  • Eat a healthy diet

You should prepare your body for the major surgery by eating well. This diet must be maintained even after the surgery so your body can heal properly. Plenty of proteins are good since they help the skin to form properly over your tissues as you heal.

In conclusion

A drastic loss in weight may change the elasticity of your skin. Unlike the case where you lose weight due to exercise, and the body adjusts well to the slimming, a dramatic loss in weight has the exact opposite effect. You look haggard and unhealthy, and a body contouring surgical procedure is your best option. Visit your cosmetic surgeon who will walk you through the preparation phase, so you can get the best results from your surgery.