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Breast Lift Surgery – Myths & Facts

Due to advancement in science and technology, we are able to alter our appearance to achieve a desired look, that too with procedures that are safe and long lasting. Breast lift surgery is one such procedure that has helped innumerable women by changing the size, elevation and contour of their breasts by reversing sagging. Yet, there are many unbelievable myths about breast lift surgery.

Here are a few of the most common myths about breast lift surgery:

Myth 1 –Breast lift surgery is only for older women

Truth – Aging is not the only cause behind breasts losing their elasticity and sagging. This can occur due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, drastic weight gain or weight loss, and even hereditary factors. Hence, age being a deciding factor in breast plastic surgery is one of the many unbelievable myths about this plastic surgery.

Myth 2 – Breast lift surgery causes heavy scarring

Truth – This is one of the most common myths about breast lift surgery. Yes, breast lift surgery might leave a few marks just as every surgery does, but they are minimal and not visible as an experienced surgeon can make the incisions on the underside of your breast.

Myth 3 – Only women with small breasts can get breast lift surgery

Truth – The size of your breasts is not a factor while considering breast lift surgery. Yes, if you have smaller breasts, you will see a bigger difference post surgery as compared to someone with larger breasts, but this is only because the latter has more weight and pressure.

Myth 4 – You don’t need breast lift surgery – Exercise will suffice

Truth – While exercise, especially weight training, can help tone and strengthen your muscles, it only works to a certain point for your breasts. Breast sagging occurs due to a loss of elasticity of the skin and sometimes, this can be taken care of only through a surgical procedure. Hence, exercise can’t replace breast plastic surgery.

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