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Breast Augmentation

Do Breasts Look Normal After Breast Augmentation?

Will my breasts look normal or fake? Isn’t this the doubt that always stops you from going for breast augmentation? If you wish to enhance your breasts, breast augmentation is a good option to achieve this without making them look unnatural. Don’t let this fear hold you back from possessing good looking breasts. To clarify your doubt or fear, you first need to understand how breast augmentation and breast enlargement works.

Breast augmentation is increasing the bust size by inserting implants that serve as a cushioned or fluffy padding that naturally make the breasts look bigger. This padding is placed right under the chest muscle with the help of a minor surgery.

Now that you are clear about the process, here’s what you must keep in mind before you opt for breast augmentation for your breasts to look as normal and natural as possible.

Surgical scars can be instantly concealed

As breast augmentation is nothing but a kind of surgery, scars of a slit or cut are inevitable. For an apparently instant scar-free look, it is better to get the implant inserted from under the breast. Like this, the scar will be hidden. Moreover, these scars start disappearing within 2 weeks of the breast augmentation surgery.

Types of breast implants

The implants should compliment you. It is very necessary for the plastic surgeon to examine your breast shape and form well to decipher the type of implant that will ensure natural looking breasts.

  • Silicone v/s saline

Silicone implants are made of silicone gel while saline implants are made of salt water. Since the texture of silicone gel is quite similar to our breast muscle – supple, rubbery, gelatin type – silicone filled implants give a more normal look to the enhanced breasts.

  • Round v/s lachrymiform

For the purpose of keeping the implant’s shape intact, lachrymiform or tear-shaped implants are made thicker and tauter as compared to the round ones. That is why breasts look normal faster in the case of round shaped ones as the tear-shaped ones take a little bit more time to embed properly into your natural breast form.

  • Thick v/s thin skin

If your skin is on the thinner side, then you should opt for the round shaped implant instead of the lachrymiform one. The thickness of the tear-shaped implants can make your thin skin to ripple or wrinkle, thus giving your breasts an abnormal look.

  • Smooth v/s textured

To avoid wrinkly and deformed looking breasts, opt for smooth surfaced breast implants instead of textured ones if you have a thin skin. If you have a normal skin, the advantage of choosing a textured breast implant is that the minute ridges on its surface help the implant/ shell to integrate with the breast muscle better. This, in turn, helps the implant to stay in place. It reduces the risk of implant de-alignment or rotation – a risk that can make your breast look abnormal.

  • Enhancement v/s reconstruction

The difference between the two is that breast enhancement surgery is adding padding to an already available breast muscle. While, reconstruction is almost like restoring back the fuller look of a breast by filling an empty cavity. The latter is done mostly after a mastectomy (breast removal) as a result of breast cancer treatment. Breasts look instantly more normal/ natural when breast augmentation is done for reconstruction purposes. Breasts after the breast enlargement procedure begin to look normal after a few weeks of the surgery.

Keeping these points in mind can manifold your chances of restoring the natural look of your breasts while enjoying the benefit of enhancement.  Let’s now move on to the post-breast augmentation surgery stage.

The swelling after breast augmentation is natural and not permanent

You might expect the breasts to look normal and natural immediately after the surgery but you will have some swelling in and around the breasts. Here’s why there is no need to worry at all. Just like while healing an injury the body produces fluids in the wound area, the body follows the same mechanism even for healing the surgical incisions or cuts. Hence, the swelling is due to the fluids produced. Once the wound is healed the body reabsorbs the fluids and the swelling vanishes. Good news is that 70 to 80% of the swelling goes off in 2-3 weeks and the remaining swelling disappears in another 2-3 weeks.

The high raise effect

Immediately after the breast augmentation surgery, the breasts seem as if they have been raised high. Here’s why.  Breasts implants are foreign agents inside your body. Just like we take time to gel with a new acquaintance similarly even our body takes a little time to accept a foreign agent. As the body keeps getting used to the breast implants, the more relaxed the muscles get. This allows the implants to seep in further and adjust and reposition themselves as per the natural form of your breasts.  Thankfully this ‘high rise’ period occurs simultaneously with swelling up stage which means a speedy recovery towards normal/ natural looking breasts.

Following the below-given steps for the first few weeks will ensure that breast implants get adjusted in the body naturally so that your breasts that don’t look artificial or fake.

  • Avoid lifting anything heavy. Otherwise, the muscle movements can disrupt the alignment of the implant.
  • Avoid exercise or any rigorous movement to prevent implant rupture and leaking. This would not only destroy the natural look of your breast but also can lead to infections and another surgery.
  • Use a surgical brassiere. The pressure and support provided by it will prove to be an asset to keep your assets in their natural shape.
  • Opt for draining the fluid out if the swelling is too big or painful or for more than 2 weeks. Otherwise, fluid retention can also become septic and cause infections.

All good things take time. Plan your breast augmentation surgery at least 3 months prior to any special or major event to enjoy a hassle-free bold and confident look. The result of the breast augmentation also depends a lot on the expertise of the surgeon. For a safe experience and natural looking breasts consult only the best of doctors. Reach out to Chennai’s No.1 cosmetic surgeons here.