Why Cosmetic Surgery Is A Running Trend for Young People Today
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Why Cosmetic Surgery is a Running Trend for Young People Today

Many young people today are opting for cosmetic surgery and are contributing majorly to the growth of the plastic surgery profession all over the world. Young people are very impressionable and they will attempt anything that seems to be ‘cool’ at the time. Here are some of the reasons that seem to be driving this trend.

Social Media

The effect of social media upon the young has been discussed time and again. The images that these young people see on the Internet are pushing them to take up cosmetic surgery at a high rate. Lip surgery is on the increase so they can take better selfies, with their lips in a sexy pouting pose. In some cases some of these procedures are exaggerated and the young person gets a disproportionate look. There are others who have their lip surgery done in such a way that they seem to have a perpetual pout. Ladies may also go for a tummy tuck so they look better in their bikini photos.

Celebrity fandom

Celebrities are also driving young people to undergo cosmetic surgery. Most of the breast enhancement consultations are filled with comments like, “I want to have breasts like those of (a certain celebrity)”. As the young are immersed in movies and videos, they often identify with the characters in the movies and some have a deep desire to be like them. So young ladies who want to have an immense and sexy chest, like someone they saw in the movies or a music video, will have no compunction when it comes to having a cosmetic surgery procedure on their boobs.

Peer pressure

You can remember the years that you went through in high school. Maybe you were a geeky girl who every young man avoided, and you blamed this on your looks. At the time, going for a cosmetic surgery procedure may have been out of your reach, but today, young people have access to more money and can pay for their own surgery. A young person who seems to be an outcast due to having small breasts will easily go for a breast enhancement procedure. They can even opt to go for a face lift, to enhance certain features of their face. A large nose can be reduced to fit better with the other facial features. The young lady, will go back to school and instantly become the object of attraction for many young men.

Lack of self-worth and self-confidence

Young people may suffer from a lack of self-confidence or self-worth, and in an effort to make themselves feel better, seek cosmetic surgery. When you are young, your appearance matters a lot and affects how you relate to people. A young person who is late in developing breasts may feel awkward among those who already have them. In order to feel better in the company of the others, she may opt to go for breast enhancement.

In conclusion

Although young girls tend to go for cosmetic surgery more than young men, there are teenage boys who also opt to go for these procedures. They may want to undergo a tummy tuck, to cut down on the baby fat that is still lingering on their bodies, rather than take up a sport. If you are a young person considering cosmetic surgery, you should seek the advice of a cosmetic surgeon before you make your final decision. The surgeon will discuss the reason why you are seeking the treatment and then advise you accordingly. A good surgeon will then do the procedure with minimal risk to your health. Visit your cosmetic surgeon and get all your queries resolved.