What Is the Procedure for The Initial Consultation for Cosmetic Surgery?
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What is the procedure for the initial consultation for cosmetic surgery?

 In order to understand what you will achieve after you undergo cosmetic surgery, you need to go for an initial consultation with your surgeon. This consultation is an important step for the surgeon to make an informed assessment of the reason why you are undergoing breast enhancement. You will also be able to gauge whether the surgeon will give you the type of results that you are looking for. Here are some of the issues that you will discuss during your initial breast implant plastic surgery consultation.

What are your reasons for undergoing plastic surgery?

The surgeon will ask you a whole lot of questions about why you are considering undergoing breast enhancement. The surgeon will then show you a number of cosmetic surgery before and after pictures of people who have undergone the procedure in the past. It would be a great idea to have someone whom you trust, with you during this initial consultation. He or she will help you absorb all the information that you will be given.

The risks and side-effects of cosmetic surgery

The cosmetic surgeon should fully disclose the risks that you will be facing when you go for a breast implant operation. You should be informed of the expected side-effects, which will include the pain, discomfort and scarring. He will also tell you of the possible complications that may arise. It can be very tempting to push these issues aside, but you should be able to do so from an informed point of view. When you are fully aware of the risks and benefits, you will be able to make a decision with a clear head.

The cosmetic surgeon will also give you some pamphlets and brochures which you can take with you, to further consider your decision when you go home. He or she will also get in touch with you later, to repeat some of the issues that you discussed in the initial consultation. He will also discuss some of the concerns that you may have after reading the pamphlets that you took home.

Ask for the cosmetic surgeon’s credentials and the cost.

It is always good to ask for the credentials of the person conducting the initial consultation. At times, especially when given a free consultation, you will be referred to a sales person, rather than the actual surgeon. You will be basing your decision on the advice of the person taking you through the consultation, and you need to know that he or she is a specialist in the field. It is proper to also speak to a cosmetic nurse if the surgeon is not available.

You should discuss the cost of your breast implant procedure with the cosmetic surgeon. Plastic surgery is not cheap and you need to weigh your decision against the cost.

When you speak to the surgeon, he or she will help bolster your confidence and do away with the anxiety that you are going through. You start getting a real feel for what you will be going through when you speak to the specialist. He will show you before and after pictures that will out your mind at ease. So make sure that you speak to the person who will be doing the procedure on you.

In conclusion

Make sure that you make the decision for what’s best for you. Take your time and think about the issues that you have discussed with the surgeon. You can go back home and talk about these issues with your friends and family, and also seek more information on breast enhancement. Feel free to go for another consultation is you have to.

Visit your cosmetic surgeon for an initial consultation, so you can make a decision which you will not regret.