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6 cosmetic procedures you must avoid

Although cosmetic surgery may come with some level of risk, there are some procedures that you are must avoid. These are the ones that have a high possibility of failure, or complications after the surgery. You may be feeling an urgent desire to go for a procedure and look for ways to cut corners, but you should not. Here are some of the procedures that you should definitely avoid when going for cosmetic surgery.

  • A combination of breast implant and Mastopexy

Mastopexy is the medical term for a breast lift and should not be combined with breast augmentation. This is one of the leading causes of malpractice suits against cosmetic surgeons. Mastopexy is done to reduce the breast size, stretch the tissues around the breast so they stop looking flabby. When this procedure is combined with a breast implant, the tissues are over-stretched, and there is a risk of implant exposure, loss of nipple sensation, infection and inability to breastfeed.

Sometimes, getting a shot to augment your breasts may seem like an easy and cheap way of looking better, but beware of the dangers. Basically, these injections use the fat that is removed from other parts of the body, such as the thighs and buttocks, through liposuction. Some cosmetic surgeons claim that the purified fat can be safely used to enlarge the breasts. However, there is a high chance of the injected fat becoming calcified, leading to the development of scarred lumps of tissue under the breast. This means that it is harder to note if you have breast cancer and this may be dangerous.

  • Permanent filler injections

You may be tempted to go for a permanent filler injection when you want a great and long-lasting boob lift. Many people go for regular injections using temporary means but you may want to pay for one procedure which you will not have to repeat. These injections tend to drift and also bind tissues, leading to a distorted look. Although many plastic surgeons frown upon this method, many people are still seeking out these injections; do not be tempted to be one of them.

  • An injection to dissolve fat

This procedure is called Mesotherapy or Lipodissolve. You get a shallow injection under the skin, intended to dissolve the fat beneath. However, the treatment is not supported by scientific studies and the chemicals used have not been approved by the FDA. When you go for such treatments, you are endangering your health and also your looks. It is better if you opt for liposuction surgery to remove excess fat.

  • Buttock implants

If you have flabby buttocks, then it would be best that you go for liposuction surgery and then hit the gym regularly, and change your diet. Buttock implants are made of solid silicone unlike the silicone gel or saline used for a boob lift. To hide the scar, the stitches are placed between the buttocks, and this is very close to the anus and the germs that reside there, thereby increasing the chances of getting an infection.

  • Never let untrained hands work on you

You should always ensure that every procedure that you do, whether it is a complicated breast enlargement surgery, or a simple liposuction one, is done by a licensed cosmetic surgeon.

The dangers associated with plastic surgery should not be downplayed. You may end up getting disfigured simply because you took shortcuts. So, stay away from shoddy work and avoid substandard procedures to just save some money. Visit your board-approved cosmetic surgeon and get the proper procedure done, to avoid any complication in the future.