What are the natural methods to get rid of body hair?

Natural Tips & Methods For Hair Removal

There are many ways of getting rid of body hair. From shaving to waxing to laser hair removal but what about natural methods for hair removal? Are there methods that help in getting rid of body hair using only natural ingredients of nature?

Till now you must be aware of various hair removal creams available in the market that helps you remove unwanted facial hair from your skin. People mostly go ahead with waxing procedures in order to eradicate useless hair from the face, hands, and skin.

But, there are some natural methods that remove unwanted hair right from your face, hands, and skin.

Unwanted hair has always been a concern. We are more than willing to pay the price the products demand, to get rid of the unwanted body hair.

But, there is a vast range of homemade remedies to combat unwanted hair, but it requires a certain amount of patience. These methods are easy practical methods and can do just as well as any other product, thereby saving your time, effort and money.

Let us learn about some of the natural techniques in removing hair right from your skin layer.

Turmeric Method

You need turmeric powder, sesame oil, and gram flour for this method. Mix a tablespoon of turmeric powder with the same amount of gram flour. Pour sesame oil until you have a thick paste. Apply the paste to the areas with unwanted body hair and let the mixture dry for about 30 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. Use a gentle scrub to get rid of the paste, and hair will come off in the process. You can repeat this remedy, once weekly, to remove the unwanted hair.

Sugar, Honey, And Lemon Method

You will need honey, sugar, and lemon for this method. Mix a tablespoon of sugar with a tablespoon of honey and lemon juice respectively. Keep the mixture in a metal bowl, and place that bowl over a boiler. This will heat the liquid slowly, dissolving the sugar and making a thick wax-like paste for applying.

Before applying the wax, apply a bit of cornstarch to the areas you want to wax. This prevents the wax mixture from clinging to your skin.

Using a wooden spoon, apply wax to your skin in the direction of the hairs. Pat, a strip of waxing cloth into the wax, allow it to cool and harden, and rip off. It works like a regular wax and is natural.

Egg-Cornstarch Method

You will need one egg, cornstarch, and sugar. Crack the egg white into a mixing bowl with half a tablespoon of cornstarch and a tablespoon of sugar. Mix well until it forms a thick, smooth paste for applying. Apply the paste to your skin, let it dry for 20 minutes and peel it off.

Pumice Gems Method

Pumice gems have crystals like substance that is used for scrubbing the area where there is excess hair growth. Use it as soon as you apply water and soap on the body, else it could form rashes along with red spots on your skin. Using pumice gems regularly before bathing can completely reduce unwanted hair growth on your body.

Egg Mask Method

Apply egg white on the face and let it dry. Easily peel it off and the unwanted hair will come off with it. This might be a little bit of a painful method but an effective one for unwanted hair on legs and hands.

Oatmeal And Banana Scrub Method

Banana is a natural ingredient that helps to remove unwanted hair from the body. It helps in exfoliating the skin when mixed with oatmeal. The banana makes your skin soft and supple and oatmeal will act as the cleanser for your skin and both combined give unique and effective results.

Choose these natural methods to remove unwanted body hair. These methods prove to be the best not only because these require you to use natural ingredients but are also readily available.

The ingredients are mostly found at home and they contain beneficial natural chemicals which don’t have any negative effects on the body.

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