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Hair Transplant

Hair transplant: 5 myths you need to know

Hair transplant is a solution for hair regrowth for men as well as for women. However, many people shy away from it, fearing hair transplant side effects and other myths. If you’re looking for a hair fall treatment, read on to unveil the truth behind these myths:

  1. Myth: Hair plantation is painful

Truth: Hair transplant procedures include anesthesia so that you don’t feel any pain. There is no pain even after the process. At the most, you might feel slight discomfort, which passes off by itself.

  1. Myth: Hair transplant is unsafe

Truth: The hair transplant procedure works only on the first layer of the scalp, leaving the other 4 intact. This ensures that there is no damage to your skin, brain or eyes. If done correctly, you will only face slight redness or itching for a short period of time.

  1. Myth: Hair plantation is ineffective

Truth: The transplanted hair is permanent and grows just like any other hair follicle, as it has been transplanted along with the root. It may fall off but it will grow back, following the natural cycle of hair growth. Also, if done by an experienced medical professional, the transplanted hair will look real as it will fall in the same pattern as your natural hair. Just a few weeks after the surgery, you will even be able to cut, color and style your hair as you wish. Also, there will be minimal or no visible scarring.

  1. Myth: Only men can undergo hair transplant

Truth: Unhealthy lifestyles, genetics and even some medical treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy for cancer can result in a woman losing her luscious locks. So, why should only men enjoy the benefits of hair plantation? Women too can safely undergo this procedure, with modifications to suit their requirements.

  1. Myth: Hair transplant costs are high

Truth: While the upfront hair transplant costs may be significant, if you do a quick comparison, you will end up spending much more in your search for products such as hair growth oil, hair growth tips and solutions for how to stop hair fall.

While hair transplant is a must for anyone suffering from baldness, you should visit an established clinic for the same. Apollo Cosmetic Clinic, backed by decades of Apollo’s excellence in healthcare, has a team of world-class surgeons and dermatologists who will guide you and ensure you have a full head of hair again.