Non-surgical Nose Job: What is it and where can you get one?

Non-surgical Nose Job: What is it and where can you get one?

If you’re shopping for plastic surgery and have come across the term non-surgical nose job, you’re probably thinking it’s a hoax. But, it’s not. With the right fillers, it is a new permanent non-surgical nose job option for you to explore. Read on to know more about this cost affective nose job, which is also called the 15-minute nose job.

What is a non-surgical nose job?

Simply put, it’s a nose surgery without a surgery. A non-surgical nose lift can do wonders for your nose. This simple cosmetic procedure will help you change your nose shape to a more desirable one. Working with the same hyaluronic acid gels used for lips and cheeks, a doctor can correct curves, bumps, and lumps, making your nose appear smaller.

How is a non-surgical nose job performed & what are its side effects?

For anon-surgical nose job, patients undergo a BOTOX Cosmetic, Restylane, or Radiesse filler treatmentto help camouflage abnormalities, depending on the dermal filler option offered by the surgeon.A non-surgical nose job is safe. No medical procedure comes without risks; rely on professional and well trained cosmetologists for maximum safety. Non-surgical nose job has side effects when performed by an untrained and inexperienced professional. Always opt for a trusted and reputed surgeon.

Who is an ideal candidate for a non-surgical nose job?

If you have a pronounced bump on the bridge of your nose, you are an ideal candidate for a non-surgical nose job. It is also a perfect option for those looking for non-invasive, non-surgical procedure and for those looking for fast, satisfying results.You can create the illusion of a perfectly straight noseby filling the area around the bump. It may not be feasible for a non-surgical nose reduction.

Are Non-Surgical Nose Jobs Painful?

One of the reasons why non-surgical nose jobs are so popular is because they are pain-free. While some patients may experience some slight discomfort, there is no significant pain associated with the procedure. The 15-minute non-surgical nose job is relatively painless and can be completed in one shortvisit. People often return to their normal routine just after the appointment, and can also see results relatively quickly.

A nose job without surgery is an excellent and affordable option for patients who would like to achieve a more pleasing appearance without undergoing extensive rhinoplasty.Latest advancements in technology and the rise of injectable fillers have put the non-surgical nose job among one of the top most wanted cosmetic procedures. To find out more about the non-surgical nose job, book an appointment at Apollo Cosmetic Clinic, MRC Nagar here.