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Vaginal Rejuvenation surgery & procedure

Vagina is an elastic, muscular canal which receives the penis during sexual intercourse, serves as a passage for the flow of blood from the uterus during menstruation and is the birth canal, ie. the passage from which the baby passes during childbirth. When this important organ begins to become wider, loose, dry or sore, women opt for a facelift of the vulva and vagina which is called Vaginal Rejuvenation surgery.

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is a method to reshape the outer and inner lips of the vagina. It is a combination of vaginoplasty, tightening of the vagina and labiaplasty or vulvaplasty, reshaping the labia or vulva. Childbirth, multiple pregnancies, and age may contribute to the formation of excess skin that can make it difficult to maintain hygiene. Vaginal rejuvenation eliminates the excess skin, gives a natural youthful shape, and ultimately boosts the confidence of the person.

When to opt for vaginal rejuvenation?

People consider vaginal rejuvenation when:

  • The shape of the vaginal structures has been altered or stretched over a period of time.
  • The effect of multiple vaginal deliveries which leads to the loss of sensation during sexual intercourse.
  • The soreness and pain experienced during sex, horse ride, while riding a bicycle or physical exertion.
  • The vaginal structures sag due to weight loss, age and pregnancies.


Before the vaginal rejuvenation surgery, your surgeon will take a detailed medical history and perform a physical examination to determine your fitness for the surgery. You will be asked to stop smoking as it interferes in the healing process. Your present medications will be altered and a few drugs should be avoided like aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs as they may increase bleeding. Your surgeon may give you post-operative instructions. He will discuss the pros and cons about the procedure. It is always better to have a person for your help post-surgery and during recovery.

Aftercare And Recovery

You may experience some swelling and bruising in the initial days of the surgery. Minor discomfort can be treated with medication. On the day of the surgery you will have to take complete bed rest and you can get back to your routine within few days depending on the level of activity. You should avoid sexual intercourse for a month. You will be informed about the use of compression garments and the doctor may also prescribe certain pain killers in case you experience pain. Follow the instructions of your surgeon and stay healthy.