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Home Remedies for Stretch Mark Removal

If you’ve recently experienced significant weight gain or weight loss, or have undergone pregnancy, you would have noticed stretch marks on your skin. Due to the tissue in the middle layer of your skin being stretched beyond its flexibility, stretch marks occur. These white lines are usually seen in the stomach, thighs, arms and breast regions. With appearance being such an important aspect today, these narrow strips on your skin can impact your self-esteem.

Here are 4 easy home remedies for stretch marks:

–  Heat therapy with castor and olive oil

Both these oils contain many nutrients and antioxidants that help stretch mark removal at home. One of the best home remedies for stretch marks after pregnancy is applying warm olive oil or castor oil on the affected area and following it up with a heating pad to help your skin absorb the oil better.

– Lemon juice and sugar

Lemon juice considered the best home remedy for stretch marks is acidic in nature. Rub a mixture of lemon juice and sugar into your skin in circular motions. The lemon will heal your scars while the sugar will exfoliate your skin. This will effective remove stretch marks at home.

– Potato juice

Potatoes are not just full of taste, but also full of vitamins and minerals. They make excellent home remedies for stretch marks during pregnancy. Take a freshly cut slice of potato and rub it on your stretch marks for stretch mark removal at home.

– Aloe Vera gel

One of the best ways to get rid of stretch marks is to rub aloe Vera gel on the area. You can either apply the gel directly on the area or use it as a combination with an oil containing Vitamin E. This is one of the best home remedies for stretch marks.

If you’re concerned about your stretch marks and home remedies for stretch marks aren’t helping, you should consult a specialist at a reputed cosmetic clinic such as Apollo Cosmetic Clinics where a team of certified dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons can help reduce your stretch marks. At Apollo Cosmetic Clinics, the team of experts use techniques like Fraxel laser to treat stretch marks. With our zero infection rates and fully equipped procedure suites, you don’t have to worry about stretch marks anymore.

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